vivo celebrated Merdeka Day with Exclusive ‘Shot on X50 Pro’ Film ‘KITA’

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In celebration of patriotism and nationalism, vivo Malaysia observed Merdeka Day with its latest “Shot on X50 Pro” web-film – recorded entirely on their recently-launched vivo X50 Pro and directed by renowned Netflix Malaysian Director, Ho Yuhang. vivo Malaysia successfully launched the first screening of their National Day blockbuster at an exclusive media event today, graced by the famed filmmaker himself.

Director, Ho Yuhang

The nine-minute short film titled “KITA” will serve as the first film being shot entirely by vivo X50 Pro in Malaysia, aiming to commemorate Malaysia’s diverse cultures featuring actual events about a friendship amongst four students from different races and cultures. This film is all about the inherent differences between people and how individuals, places and situations can help cultivate connections and understanding among people – showing the lives of disparate individuals crossing paths by accident, colliding by circumstance, and united by the one thing they have in common: their identity as Malaysians.

Mr. Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer of vivo Malaysia shared that vivo Malaysia takes pride in demonstrating national commemoration and reminding Malaysians to stand tall and strong together despite challenges encountered in life.

“Unity among the people is what makes Malaysia strong and unique. Despite ethnic and cultural differences, we bond together as Malaysians, we pull together our strength, knowledge and expertise to overcome the ups and downs,” Mr. Mike said.

Popular multilingual Malaysian Singer-Songwriter, Shila Amzah also took part in this campaign pulling off a high-spirited theme song for vivo’s National Day film which was recorded in two languages, Mandarin and Malay.

In recent years vivo has intensified its efforts on the photographic sector of their devices, and their efforts have been proven effective and innovation has advanced significantly with the latest arrival of X50 Pro. Known as a true photography flagship smartphone, the X50 Pro integrates professional and industry-leading photography technology.

The film was made by fully utilising the features of X50 Pro, such as the built-in Gimbal Camera System that offers an all-around videography experience, allowing users to take clear videos while in motion even at night. Modelled after a full-size professional gimbal, X50 Pro’s built-in miniature gimbal module moves in the opposite direction of shaking motions, providing increased stability for the main camera where this comes in useful with most of the scenes in the short film made possible. 

The X50 Pro brings extraordinary quality with other advance features such as the Extreme Night Vision (Super Night Mode), 60x Hyper Zoom, Professional Portrait, Super Wide Angle, Super Macro Functions and others – helping to achieve an all-rounder needs when shooting with different angles for diverse scenes.

With the recent launch of X50 Series, vivo has managed to topple all the major smartphone manufacturers to achieve the Top 1 smartphone manufacturer brand in Malaysia. Through the X50 Series launch, vivo hopes to offer the most refine photography experience for the users – redefining photography. 

vivo Malaysia hopes to evoke viewers on the best moments of their friendships with this initiative – designed around the concept of Malaysians coming together, uniting different cultures with diverse backgrounds.

“We hope that through this initiative, everyone can learn about tolerance and friendship while reminding them of their most precious friendships in life. Though this year’s Merdeka will be different compared to past years, it is more than just showing patriotism; we are embracing diversity and each other’s differences, while celebrating our similarities,” Mr. Mike added on.

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