Sunway Malls uphold Safety in Comfort and Style with ‘Mask-On’ Face Masks

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Protect yourself and stay safe in comfort and style with Sunway Malls ‘Mask-On’ campaign, which will introduce four special-edition reusable fabric face masks for shoppers to redeem.

To uphold Sunway Malls’ commitment to safety for all customers, the protective face masks are made with 99.94% Anti-Bacterial Effectiveness antimicrobial fabric that is reusable and eco-friendly to protect you from the spread of viruses and bacteria and help reduce wastage. The masks are certified by reputable inspection corporations for anti-bacterial and anti-odour effectiveness.

Each mask is fitted with adjustable ear-loops for different facial sizes and includes a filter slot for added protection. For added comfort, the outer layer of the mask is made with propriety washable knitted fabric, while the inner layer features soft-style cotton that absorbs heat emitted from the body, adding to the breathability of the mask.

The four masks will feature a special-edition custom print inspired by the different architectural shapes of Sunway Malls, and will be available in both adults and kids’ sizes.

Sunway Malls Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Tan says, “Providing our shoppers with peace of mind and safety while shopping is our top priority as we want them to feel secure with us. We hope the ‘Mask-On’ campaign will be a fun way for everyone to practice safe measures whilst ensuring that we all do our part to protect ourselves and others. It will also be a unique way for our shoppers to find out more about the stories behind Sunway Malls’ one-of-a-kind architectural designs while wearing the masks.”

Redeem A Sunway Malls Mask!

Sunway MallsHow to Redeem
Sunway Pyramid 14 – 31 August 2020Spend RM250 in a maximum of 2 receipts to redeem a face mask and a mask holder, with a maximum of 2 redemptions a day per customer.
Huawei customers only need to spend a minimum of RM200 in two receipts to redeem the same deal.
Sunway Velocity Mall 27 August – 9 September 2020Spend RM200 in 2 receipts (RM150 for Sunway Pals, Sunway Velocity Mall mobile app users or VeloKiddie members) to redeem an adult face mask and holder.
Kid’s mask redemption available for VeloKiddie members only. A maximum of 3 redemptions a day per customer is allowed.
Sunway Putra Mall 14 – 31 August 2020Spend RM150 in a 1 receipt to redeem a face mask and a mask holder.
New Putra Junior Club or Autsome Members will only need to spend RM100 in a 1 receipt to redeem a kid’s face mask and a holder.
Sunway Carnival Mall 14 – 31 August 2020Spend RM250 in a minimum of 2 receipts to redeem a face mask and a mask holder.
Sunway Big Box Retail Park 14 – 31 August 2020Spend RM200 in 4 receipts to redeem a face mask and a mask holder. A maximum of 2 NSK receipts is accepted per redemption.
Sunway Citrine 30 – 31 August 2020Spend RM200 in 2 receipts to redeem a face mask and a mask holder.

Staying safe in comfort and style

The inspiration for the four designs come from the following malls: Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Putra, Sunway Velocity and Sunway Carnival/Big Box/Citrine.

Sunway Pyramid – The Egyptian Pyramid

Taking inspiration from Sunway Pyramid’s notable structure, the Egyptian Pyramid symbolises intellect, strength, stability, peace and passion. The Egyptian motive echoes throughout the mall with hieroglyphics decorating facades and numerous Pharaonic statuaries. Sunway Pyramid is now a main component of Sunway City, including a theme park, 5-Star hotel, world class exhibition centre, an integrated health specialist centre and award-winning campuses.

Sunway Putra – The Sun-Drop Diamond

Part of an integrated development comprising a mall, hotel and office tower, Sunway Putra is situated within the Diamond Triangle in our capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The mall’s eye-catching architecture is inspired by South Africa’s Sun-Drop Diamond and the overall shape and main colours of the gem are reflected on the building’s façade and interior. This can now be seen on the Sun-Drop Diamond limited edition mask, which symbolises rejuvenation, promotes hope, renewal and prosperity.

Sunway Velocity – The Renaissance Globe

Born out of Sunway’s ambitions for the Cheras community, Sunway Velocity’s design concept borrows from the Renaissance Globe, which marks the transition from the middle ages to the modern era – aligning with the urban regeneration Sunway wants to achieve. As the only spherical retail development in Malaysia, Sunway Velocity’s façade of glass roofs and façades welcome a flow of natural light, provides acoustic improvements and its themed floors form a world within worlds for endless exploration. The design on this mask signifies a clear worldview, aspiration and ambition to bring about an urban renaissance for Cheras.

Sunway Carnival/Big Box/Citrine – The Astute Cube

Last but certainly not the least is the mask inspired Sunway Carnival, Sunway Big Box and Sunway Citrine. The Astute Cube epitomises the many facets of life where positivity prevails and is inspired by the juxtaposition of different size cubes that adorn the façade of Sunway Carnival Mall, as well as the large format stores at Sunway Big Box and Sunway Citrine which offers close to 100 retail, F&B and entertainment stores.

Fabric Mask-Related Tips

For optimum fabric mask care, use a hand sanitiser before wearing or removing your fabric mask on-the-go, available at retail outlets in the mall such as L’occitane or AEON Wellness. Use a drop of Claire’s Essential Oil on your fabric mask for a calming scent all day long, and treat your lips and skin with a soothing balm. After returning home, hand wash your mask daily with warm water and a few drops of Guardian’s antiseptic liquid to banish germs, and take the day off with Yves Rocher’s eco concentrated shower gel to feel great and smell fresh!

All fabric mask care necessities can be found at Sunway Malls with over 1,500 combined specialty stores and retailers from a wide variety of trades including fashion, beauty, health and wellness, food and beverages, personal care and much more.

Safe Shopping for All

In line with its ‘Your Safe Space, Our Safe Space’ initiative, Sunway Malls has put in place 82 safety and hygiene measures including the installation of 4,000 CCTV cameras, 12 units of high accuracy thermal cameras and 30 cameras equipped with facial recognition to encourage physical distancing.

For peace of mind, all family-friendly amenities and frequent touchpoints in the mall such as the kid’s toilet, baby rooms, baby strollers, wheelchairs, playgrounds and play areas are disinfected every 45 minutes and coated with Nano Coating Technology to effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Care ambassadors and physical distancing officers are stationed within all malls to ensure that customers observe physical distancing, safety and hygiene guidelines. For more information on the ‘Mask-On’ Campaign and to get more tips and tricks on how to stay protected in style with your fabric mask, visit or Sunway Malls’ individual social media pages.


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