Digi’s HR Super App, altHR rolls out altHR Sales Kit

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Digi’s HR Super App, altHR rolls out altHR Sales Kit – a new module in the app which enables companies to store and allow employees to access relevant sales and marketing materials that can be shared to external parties, all on their own mobile devices.

With this, employees can access relevant company content on-the-go, such as brochures on current promotions, products or solutions, in various formats including images, documents and video links, within the altHR app. altHR Sales Kit further simplifies the work for dedicated sales teams, where they can carry digital sales kits anywhere without the need to invest in additional, complex software.

By using altHR Sales Kit, sharing information is simple as employees can immediately send the right files or folders through email, text message as well as social and chat platforms to potential customers. For example, product images, slides or demo videos can be sent out right from the altHR Sales Kit on their mobile devices during a sales presentation or upon receiving an enquiry. This helps in capturing the customer’s interest instantly and reduces human error in forgetting to follow up after meetings. Additionally, employees can capture lead information on the spot by filling up the forms created within altHR.

altHR Sales Kit empowers employees to be their company’s ambassadors, placing the responsibility of business growth not just on the sales team, but on every single employee. Businesses can maintain up-to-date information about products and services, which employees are given access to share with their own contacts at any given time.

Through a simple one-stop solution, altHR Sales Kit equips employees to be well-versed with credible company information to best represent their company in and out of the workplace. Managing a variety of sales kits is made convenient on altHR, increasing the capability of your dedicated sales teams while keeping the rest up-to-speed. The synchronisation and accessibility provided by the altHR ensures that all employees can stay proactive and productive anywhere.

As a whole, altHR fulfils the expectations of companies in search of an integrated digital solution that goes above and beyond its mission as a HR app. The latest addition of altHR Sales Kit in the Super App enables companies to take a step further by upskilling a qualified line of well-informed employees in standing for their company and uncovering more avenues for growth.

For more information about altHR Sales Kit or to sign up for altHR, please visit althr.my.


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