Snapchat launches Snap Minis for Bite-Sized Experiences

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Snap Inc. has officially launched Snap Minis, the newest addition to Snap’s platform for developers to build bite-sized experiences right within Snapchat.

First announced at Snap Partner Summit last month, Snap Minis enable developers to bring utility experiences designed to integrate within conversations on Snapchat, so coordinating between friends is faster than ever.

Today, Snap is rolling out the following Minis on Snapchat globally:

  • Headspace – With the Headspace Mini, Snapchatters can kickback with quick meditations and send encouraging messages to boost friends in need.
  • Let’s Do It (by Snap Inc.) – When Snapchatters and their friends need to make a decision as a group, Let’s Do It helps pick their next move.
  • Prediction Master – From Mammoth Media, Prediction Master serves timely questions on everything from the Stock Market to sneaker drops, so Snapchatters can see which of their friends is the true psychic.
  • Flashcards – From Tembo, create flashcard decks with friends on Snapchat, to help cram for the next exam.


Snap x Headspace Mini

The new Headspace Mini will provide Snapchatters with resources related to emotional and physical well being, while offering daily meditations and tools to help Snapchatters check-in with their friends and stay healthy.

According to a recent Snap survey carried out during the Movement Control Order period, 72% of Malaysian snapchatters reveal that their top concern is the health of their loved ones, and 66% of them have been using the platform to stay connected with friends and family.

During times of stress, connecting with friends and having moments of relaxation and mindfulness, have never been more important — and by putting resources front and center where friends already meet and share, Snap hopes that this new feature will provide a safe space for friends to practice meditation and mindfulness exercises, and use these new tools to send encouraging messages to positively boost friends in need.

Snap Minis can be accessed through Chat, or Search.


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