Maplestory M celebrates Two Year Anniversary with the Arrival of Two Resistance Classes

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MapleStory M, Nexon’s free-to-play, mobile MMORPG sensation for iOS and Android, is celebrating its two year anniversary with the arrival of two new characters, Mechanic and Wild Hunter, joining the Resistance class to turn the tide against the forces of darkness.

Equipped with both a gun and a magnum, Mechanic has fast-paced combat advantages with two different modes: Humanoid Mech, which serves to fight multiple monsters at once, and Tank Mech for one-on-one combat. Wild Hunters are equipped with a crossbow and an arrowhead and ride a Jaguar into battle. Jaguars provide Wild Hunter with a huge boost in mobility and come in a variety of colors.

Boasting over 16,665,317 global downloads since launch, MapleStory M is highlighting achievements to date with an infographic video marking milestones such as 40,758,523 characters created, 1,457,839,718 dungeons cleared, 534,143,717 Star Force Enhancements and more!

Another new addition, Sharenian’s Culvert, highlights guild and team play, where collaboration is more important than individual skills. Based on one five member party, Sharenian’s Culvert allows the party to match with two different guild parties for a total of 15 people engaging in smaller scale PvP action.

The update also introduces a selection of limited-time events, including:

  • On-Time Event Celebrating Welcoming New Character “Mechanic” and “Wild Hunter”: Until August 5, to celebrate the arrival of Mechanic and Wild Hunter, Maplers will be rewarded with items that help them obtain EXP and equipment reinforcement.
  • Mega Burning Event: Until September 5, players will be able to create two different burning characters. Burning characters will be able to gain a total of three levels for every level-up between levels 3 to 100.
  • Mechanic and Wild Hunter Growth Support Event: Until September 5, level up Mechanic and Wild Hunter characters between levels 10 to 125 as well as earn rewards based on level reached, including items that help with equipment reinforcement, equipment Cody items and more.


Throughout the month of August, partake in additional Hotel M Events, including the Hotel M Punch-King Event, Hotel M Cake Monster Event and the Hotel M Wonder Wheel Event. Maplers will be rewarded with an assortment of prizes, including Second Anniversary Coins, Auto-Battle Charge Tickets and additional rewards.

Crimson Queen is also added as the third Dungeon boss in the Root Abyss, unleashing different attacks based on her four changing faces. Players who complete the Root Abyss Expedition will receive special rewards such as currency that allows exchanging equipment in the in-game store and items to help with equipment reinforcement.

To learn more about MapleStory M, visit the Google Play or App Store page and follow @PlayMapleM on Twitter for the latest updates.


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