Digi introduces Best-In-Value Go Digital Bundles to Boost Recovery and Growth for MSMEs As Part of PENJANA

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Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) today launches three new Go Digital bundles, offering best-in-value digital marketing and e-commerce solutions, productivity tools, as well as internet connectivity plans that will help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) digitalise and grow their business, while enjoying savings of up to 70%.

Designed to meet the different needs of MSMEs, be it for Essentials, Productivity or Growth, the bundles feature digital solutions such as altHR, Omni Hotline, Avana Facebook Commerce, Microsoft 365 Business Basic Pack, and targeted SMS broadcast, as well as mobile data plans for internet connectivity, equipping MSMEs for the ‘new normal’ of working and managing business operations.

Additionally, with the highest-in-market discounts of up to 70%, the bundles are priced to suit MSMEs’ affordability, at a time when businesses are under cost pressure to sustain and grow.

This is also in line with the PENJANA (Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara, or Short-Term Economic Recovery Plan) initiatives, introduced by the government to help propel the nation’s economic growth. As MSMEs forms 98.5% of business establishments in Malaysia, under PENJANA, the government aims to drive digital adoption among MSMEs by providing the SME Digitalisation Grant.

To this end, Digi’s Chief Business Officer Eugene Teh says that the company is working closely with the Ministry of Finance and Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) to support MSMEs in their recovery and growth. The collaboration enables Digi to serve as a one-stop centre for MSMEs, helping them to digitalise their operations as well as manage the grant application process.

“As a trusted digital partner, we are fully aware that MSMEs require support in choosing the right and most cost-effective digital tools to reactivate and accelerate their business in this current landscape. We have curated the bundles to serve as an all-in-one pack of relevant digital solutions, saving them the hassle of reaching out to multiple providers for different digital tools. This helps ease the digitalisation journey for MSMEs, in addition to providing savings and value-added services of qualifying them for the digitalisation grant,” Teh adds.

Best-in-value digital solutions to maximise productivity and grow business

The new Digi Business Go Digital bundles come in three different packages: Essentials Bundle, Productivity Bundle and Growth Bundle, which contain digital solutions for remote working, workforce management, e-commerce, and online marketing and sales, enabling MSMEs to maximise productivity and grow their business, at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, with Digi recognised as a Technology Solutions Provider (TSP) under PENJANA’s SME Digitalisation Grant, subscribing to the digital solutions qualifies MSMEs for the grant subsidy. This is on top of the discounted price offered by Digi as part of the bundle promo, translating to huge total savings of up to 70% and maximum value for businesses.

The bundles also come with free smart devices to complete the connectivity solution.

One-stop digitalisation hub to ease grant application process and registration of digital solutions

Digi is simplifying the grant application for MSMEs by managing the process end-to-end. Basically, MSMEs just need to sign up for the Go Digital bundles, submit all the necessary documents to Digi for verification on grant eligibility, and upon approval, Digi will complete all the relevant registration and onboard businesses on the various digital solutions. Businesses will then get billed every month only on the final amount after deducting the grant subsidy and discounts.

Previously, businesses would have to go through several steps and deal with different parties – from getting invoices from multiple providers for subscribing to the digital solutions, submitting the invoices on their own to BSN to apply for the grant, to waiting for approvals and then going back to each provider to validate the application and registration before enjoying the subsidies.

The simplified, hassle-free process by Digi brings improved cash flow management and work efficiency for businesses, and at the same time, help them focus on what matters most, that is to grow their business.

The new Digi Business Go Digital Bundles are available now. For more information on the bundles or to sign up for one, visit www.digi.my/godigital.


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