Samsung Malaysia launches an Innovative Washing Machine: Top Load Washer with Wobble Technology

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Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd (“Samsung Malaysia”) has launched an innovative washing machine in their laundry line-up to enhance the lives of its consumers. The new Top Loader Washer with Wobble Technology™ offers a premium design, a larger laundry capacity, and has up to 12 washing options to accommodate consumer’s different lifestyle and needs.

With millennials targeted to become the next group of home buyers, the new Top Load Washing Machines, WA6000R are made to match their fast-paced routine and also eliminate the boundaries between the physical and digital world. The colour Caviar Black complements the style of any homes, and is able to wash 14 – 16kg of clothes while ensuring that the garments are treated with the best fabric care, regardless of laundry range such as delicates, baby clothing and bedding.

“We are proud to say that in an industry dominated by conventional solutions, Samsung’s disruptive technology once again redefines the laundry process by offering consumers more control over their time management” said Jimmy Tan, Head of Consumer Electronics of Samsung Malaysia

Catering to every household needs, the Top Load Washer with Wobble Technology™ aims to increase efficiency and convenience of a washing task with its list of features:

  • Durable & powerful, yet offering gentle clothes care

Wobble™ Technology provides gentle care of fabrics. Its Wobble pulsators generate a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow that prevents tangles, twists and knots. It also gently and thoroughly cleans garments with its increased washing power.

Digital Inverter Technology amplifies the power of the motor by 5 times for a quieter yet more powerful performance, and uses up to 40% less energy than a Universal Motor. It offers outstanding durability, backed-up by a 11-year warranty.

  • Softer and more fragrant clothing with the same amount of softener

The Deep Softener option maximizes the effect of softener by optimizing the rinsing algorithm. This enhances the softener absorption such that clothes smell more fragrant with the same amount of softener.

  • Wash without worrying about residual detergent

Homeowners no longer have to worry about residual detergent with the washing machine’s Magic Dispenser. The dispenser creates a powerful water vortex, which dissolves liquid and powder detergent and disperses it evenly before a wash cycle starts. This keeps the detergent box clean and helps to minimize the risk of residual detergent being left on your clothes.

For effective deep cleaning, the Intensive Wash feature quickly pre-mixes the detergent and enables the water to penetrate deep into the fabric so that dirt can be removed more effectively.

Promotion Price & Availability

Samsung’s WA6000R will be available for purchase at all Samsung authorized outlet and e-stores.

Top Load Washer with Wobble Technology™
Model Code Washing Capacity (kg) Colour Promotion Price (RM)
WA14R6380BV/FQ 14kg Black Caviar RM 2379

To find out more about WA6000R information or promotion mechanics, please log on to the link here.


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