Forward School selects Digi’s Omni Hotline as its Preferred Remote Office Landline Provider

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Today, Digi would like to share that Forward School has selected Omni Hotline as its preferred remote office landline provider, providing customers with a faster and more convenient avenue to reach out to their representatives.

Forward School will be using Omni Hotline to power their remote office landline, allowing their team to reach out to customers with a human touch while providing a quicker turnaround time in attending to customer enquiries. With this move to Omni Hotline, Forward School has migrated from relying on responses via social media and email services when communicating with customers, which previously impaired their customer service abilities. Forward School found that their previous method was not the most ideal way of communicating with customers, especially parents who preferred to call a number and speak to a representative, hence their search for an official landline solution.

Omni Hotline’s on-demand, cloud-based system which offers a simple setup with no hardware installation gives Forward School the chance to easily manage their own official business hotline remotely while providing comprehensive and personalised customer service as an education services provider focused on digital technology and future skills.

Forward School aims to use Omni Hotline’s customised call menu and dedicated extension feature to ensure the team’s efficiency in operating their customer and support service. As a small business, the ability to provide each employee with a dedicated extension number is crucial as each member of the team wears multiple hats. Omni Hotline’s capability to help direct customers to the right Forward School representative will help them engage with customers more professionally.

“Prior to using Omni Hotline, while we used our personal mobile numbers for work, we did not publicise any contactable numbers on our website as personal numbers didn’t provide credibility for us as a school. With Omni Hotline, we are able to deliver 360-degree, all-encompassing customer service as a school. The fact that we can set up our own virtual receptionist and with customised greetings really levelled up our customer service game despite being just a startup,” said Howie Chang, Founder and CEO of Forward School.

“We are excited that we can help Forward School amplify their philosophy in equipping more aspiring tech professionals with real-world experiences. With Omni Hotline, Forward School is now equipped with the right infrastructure to connect with their customers more professionally as well as provide reliable customer experience in the new normal,” said Kathryn Lee, Head of Product at Digi-X, Digi’s venture builder.

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