edotco Malaysia creates employment opportunity via COVID Care programme

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edotco Malaysia today announced the launch of COVID Care, a unique human resource programme initiated specifically to provide employment opportunities for workforce who lost their job, and fresh graduates who find it difficult to get their first jobs due to COVID-19.

This programme, which is birthed out of concern to help the socio-economy of the nation, provides a bandwidth for the company to offer employment with an initial contract period of up to one year. The candidates will be matched to job scopes that best match their qualifications and experience. These hires may be offered a permanent position beyond their contracted period, depending on their performance and availability of suitable roles in the company. More information on COVID Care is available at: https://edotcogroup.com/jobs/covid-care-programme/.

edotco Group Chief Regional Officer and edotco Malaysia Managing Director Wan Zainal Adileen said of the initiative, “While edotco is a regional telecommunications infrastructure company, we are proudly Malaysia founded. edotco Malaysia is privileged to be an essential service, keeping connectivity up and reliable, to help facilitate COVID-19 crisis response. Our company partners with mobile network operators to allow a majority of the public to work from home, and keep many connected and informed. We are very heartened and grateful to all healthcare professionals who have been working tirelessly around the clock to contain the outbreak successfully. The pandemic has brought about a united community spirit of helping one another, and edotco Malaysia wants to extend this spirit as well by helping those whose employment was terminated due to COVID-19. We understand it will also be tough for fresh graduates to secure employment in the current job market situation. The COVID Care programme specifically provides opportunity for these two groups, particularly those in the B40 category.”

As a caring employer, edotco Malaysia has also been supporting employees whose family members have been affected by the pandemic and MCO. The company provides essential items and compassionate allowance benefits to help alleviate the burden of employees who suddenly became the sole breadwinners of their household.

Together with COVID Care, the programme is part of a larger initiative that has seen edotco Malaysia rendering support and assistance in various forms since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was announced. These programmes continue from the ongoing efforts, which have seen among others, edotco Malaysia deploying the edotco Mobile Solution (eMOS) within the vicinity of the quarantine centres of Sungai Buloh Hospital, which was designated as the main dedicated health centre to treat COVID-19 patients. The solution enabled mobile network operators to increase coverage and capacity to bridge connectivity gaps which existed around the hospital.

Throughout the MCO, edotco Malaysia’s regional offices also engaged with their local communities in which they operate to supply necessities such as food to the less fortunate as well as contributed medical and personal protective equipment to help supplement its availability at some of the hospitals and other frontlines.


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