LinkedIn offers Free Job Postings to accelerate hiring for critical roles to fight COVID-19

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Hospitals and nonprofits working on Coronavirus disaster relief and essential services (such as supermarkets, package delivery and warehousing companies), can now post new mission critical jobs for free for the next three months, on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. This is to help these organisations connect with professionals with the relevant skills and experience to fill critical frontline roles.

Job postings for critical roles in healthcare are rising around the world, and Malaysia is no exception. The healthcare sector is seeking professionals for critical frontline roles, including doctors and nurses.

LinkedIn will provide the following support to organisations on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response.

  • Accelerate hiring for urgent roles: LinkedIn is offering companies and organisations in healthcare (including hospitals, medical device, medical practices and mental healthcare companies), disaster relief nonprofits, warehousing, supermarket and package delivery companies, the ability to post new mission critical jobs for free for the next three months (April 2 to June 30) so they can find and hire the people they need to meet the surge of urgent roles.
  • Connect medical professionals to critical healthcare roles: LinkedIn is also helping job seekers with the right skill sets quickly find these open roles by additionally promoting them on the LinkedIn homepage and the Jobs page. Frontline healthcare roles, such as doctors and nurses, will be automatically added to a list of urgent jobs and will be surfaced through a special banner to reach members with relevant skills and experience.
  • Scale hiring with Recruiting for Good: To help healthcare organisations and disaster relief nonprofits who are managing the secondary effects of Coronavirus, such as unemployment, childcare, and mental health issues, LinkedIn has expanded its Recruiting For Good program. Already more than 100 LinkedIn recruiters and talent professionals are working to help source and screen talent so that these organisations can fill urgent paid and volunteer positions.
  • Gain insights: LinkedIn has also heard from healthcare staffing firms that they need tools to identify critical healthcare professionals efficiently. To help support their surge in hiring needs, LinkedIn is offering access to LinkedIn Talent Insights for free for the next three months to give these healthcare firms access to real-time data and insights on the talent market.
  • Stay informed: A new Navigating Coronavirus microsite can help LinkedIn’s customers stay informed, connected and productive amidst a rapidly changing hiring landscape.


LinkedIn also encourages all professionals to take this opportunity to upskill, as part of lifelong learning.

Olivier Legrand, Managing Director and Vice President, Asia Pacific & China says:

“This global pandemic has no doubt put a strain on economies and impacted jobs to a large degree. But in the midst of all this, we are hearing heroic stories of those on the frontlines who are working around the clock to protect the public. And it’s clear that more help is needed to fill urgent open roles within frontline organisations.

At LinkedIn, we are in a unique position to help these organisations, and connect them with professionals with the necessary skills, as well as volunteers who are keen to join this cause. These are but a few ways we can help, and we are committed to identify new ways to support the community. Together, we can overcome this.”


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