Game On, Play On: Moonton launches 515 EParty Globally

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Moonton is excited to announce its 515 EParty events on a global scale for its mobile gaming title, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this digital era, everyone now has access to an internet connection as well as a smartphone. Hence, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is available for everyone to enjoy!

In order to encourage players of all ages and backgrounds to join in the fun of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the 515 EParty will be featuring in-game events where players are able to team up with their friends and family together to unlock exclusive prizes when they complete a certain mission! At the same time, there will be various community events available for everyone to join on social media.

“It is nice to see that our proud game title, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is providing a platform to be accessible for everyone and strengthen their relationships with one another. With that, we hope that our game is able to bring everyone together regardless of background and age”, said Snow Leng, Marketing Manager of Shanghai Moonton Technology.

Additionally, there would also be a new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang theme song to be released in conjunction with the 515 EParty. The theme song will bring you a fresh vibe of the song to jam to whenever you launch Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on your device.

In order to bring the community closer together, Moonton is also organizing a series of contests with in-game and cash prizes including one of the most wanted Lesley’s Spear of Holy skin. In addition to the prizes, Moonton will also be featuring a one of a kind in-game interface during the Ramadhan season! It is known that the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community is filled with creativity, there will be a photo challenge, an art contest for the talented artists, creative music competition, as well as the viral Finger Dance challenge to bring the community even closer. Moreover, the photo challenge is open for everyone where they can win time-limited skins! With that, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community will be able to flex their hero skins prizes whenever they play in Classic, Ranked or Brawl matches.

To add up to the hype, familiar local influencers from Malaysia and Singapore will also be joining the 515 EParty to play alongside and participate in the activities with the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community. Further, Moonton will also be featuring an All-Stars tournament to find out which influencers team are the best!

Therefore, with the slogan of “Game On Party On”, let’s bring everyone together to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and participate in the 515 EParty. Distance is certainly not an issue, as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be played by anyone anywhere!

The 515 EParty will commence on 17 April 2020. So hashtag your social media posts with #515EParty to show your support!

Stay tuned on the Facebook page here as there will be more new and exciting updates soon!


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