Vivo APEX 2020: Leading the Way in the Future

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Last week, vivo has just launched its third-generation concept phone – APEX 2020. In combining vivo’s breakthrough technology, the vivo APEX 2020 was once again wowed the spectators as compared to last year’s APEX concept phone. While this year, vivo has returned with an even more fantastical concept device featuring a number of potentially major innovations throughout the device.

Vivo APEX 2020 is intended to show the industry and is by far the most cutting-edge technology application example in mobile phone products and was the world’s first smartphone that equipped with high-magnification continuous zoom with Gimbal Stabilizing Camera.

5x-7.5x Continuous Optical Zoom – Recording A Clearer World

Since its first inception in 2018, the concept phone has been an iconic innovation for vivo in terms of the research and development for more innovative mobile devices in the future.

By looking into its breakthrough camera technology, vivo APEX 2020 features a 5-7.5x Peripheral Continuous Optical Zoom – making it as the world’s first smartphone equipped with high-magnification continuous zoom.

In order to achieve high resolution and high image quality during continuous zooming, APEX has a “4-group lens combination” incorporated into the APEX’s ultra-thin body. The feature enables users to enjoy seamless video shooting experience with clarity and effectively enhanced details. Moreover, the module structure is further designed based on the periscope optical structure, so that the entire module is only 6.2mm thick.

This technology can also be understanding as two sets of periscope lenses, one is responsible for the high-power focal length, and the other is responsible for the higher power focal length. The two sets of lenses are smoothly connected during zooming, and the complex gear set rotates precisely in a small body.

Gimbal-Stabilizing Main Camera – Stable Mechanical Structure

To achieve top-notch outcome when taking picture, not only that APEX 2020 offers the powerful optical zoom feature, an image stabilization is also one of the crucial components. At present, the flagship models from most of the market leaders in the industry are generally uses OIS + EIS hybrid anti-shake systems.

Combining the abovementioned anti-shake technology, which is allowed to play an advance anti-shake effect when the mobile phone pans, that is, the “four-axis anti-shake” that everyone knows well. The great thing about APEX 2020 is that a micro tripod head is embedded in the main camera of the mobile phone.

By embedding a micro gimbal-like structure, the main camera’s stabilization angle is 200% extended compared to the traditional OIS system. The main technology of this set of ultra-stable micro heads assembled on APEX 2020 was inspired by a special biological structure-chameleon eyeball rotation. Chameleon’s eye structure makes it very sensitive to move objects and is conducive to focus, track and capture targets. The main camera of the ultra-stable micro tripod head achieves optical stabilization both in the front-back and left-right inclined directions, which largely keeps the integrity of the image. The design of this main camera also achieves stronger capacity for night photography.

For more information please visit vivo’s official website or vivo’s Facebook page.


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