Black Shark launches the Coolest Gaming Accessory, Black Shark FunCooler Pro

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The cutting-edge gaming technology company, Black Shark announces its game-changing cooling accessory, FunCooler Pro, after releasing the world’s first 5G gaming smartphone series: Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro. The FunCooler Pro enables tremendous temperature drop for a heating device thanks to the advanced TEC (Thermoelectric Cooling) technology. Its various device capability and friendly APP management make FunCooler Pro a unique gaming accessory and a must-have item for all gamers.

“We manifest our commitment to create the perfect gaming ecosystem through our latest gaming smartphones and listen to all mobile gamers’ demands of a sustained gameplay,” said Harrison Luo ( Yuzhou Luo ), CEO of Black Shark. “Our latest flagship gaming smartphone series, Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro, burst out all the power needed to run any games and the FunCooler Pro is helping the smartphone to maintain its peak performance by keeping the heating components cool as still.”

Frozen Solid Specifications

Heating has always been the main issue for gaming smartphones. Thus, cooling solution becomes the cure to solve the concurrent problems of lagging, unstable Wi-Fi signal, slow charging, short battery life, and uncomfortable handheld experience due heating. How a device remains cool over extended hours of gaming proves its unmatched advantage. Black Shark introduces its FunCooler Pro in order to maintain all the fun and excitement of gaming for all mobile gamers. The model is equipped with “savage” specifications and created in an innovative mechanical design, including:

  • Advanced TEC technology using the Peltier Effect, equipped with semiconductor refrigeration chip – the core of the cooling heart.
  • The design prototype achieves inner partitioning for the hot zone and the cold zone.
  • Seven pieces of fan blades, spinning speed up to 6200 rpm, or equivalent to 2.5 times the speed of the helicopter propeller, escalating the heat from the inside.
  • Upgrade the design of the air-duct, greater noise reduction achieving only 34dB when functioning.

The  best cooling system in the Black Shark FunCooler Pro ensures gamers to get the most out of their smartphone and help keep the temperatures down on those longer or more taxing gaming sessions.


Various Device Capabilities

The Black Shark FunCooler Pro perfectly fits into any smartphone models with width between 67mm-88mm, making it an accessory for all. Clip the FunCooler Pro on the back panel of the phone, plug in the USB charger, and turn on the button. Only three steps to chill your device until freezing cold.

iOS and Android Application Management

Black Shark also introduces APP smart control to support the accessory’s capabilities for both Android and iOS. The FunCooler Pro application offers two modes to cool the phone, Freeze mode and Blizzard mode. The RGB luminous lighting effect can be customized in the APP once plugged in. Real-time temperatures display is also available.


FunCooler Pro Laboratory Testing Results

  • Testing result 1

With the overall environment temperature of 25 degree, FunCooler is used within a 1 minute test. After 1 minute, the temperature on the phone surface drops 14 degrees and after 10 minutes, the temperature reaches 0 degree and remains still.

  • Testing result 2

According to the test result from Black Shark laboratory, Black Shark test the FunCooler Pro by adapting on different smartphones. Generally, FunCooler Pro is able to cool the central point of the back panel by about 25 degree, and the rims of the phone by about 10 degree.


Specific case: When the phone is set to play PUBG, the temperature of the central point of the back panel is 45 degree and the rims of the phone is 43 degree. After the FunCooler is placed for 15 minutes, the temperature of the central point of the back panel drops to 16 degree and rims of the phone to 33 degree Celsius.


Availability and Pricing

FunCooler Pro will be available exclusively on Shopee from 24 March onwards, retailed at RM199. As a participating brand of the 4.4 Shopee Brands Festival that is taking place from now till 4 April, Black Shark is offering deals with savings up to RM155 and attractive vouchers on 27 March and 4 April.  Fans can safely shop from the comfort of their own home and receive their favourite Black Shark products as Shopee provides free shipping right to their doorstep. Visit Black Shark Official Store on Shopee.


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