U Mobile demonstrates ‘Live’ 5G Use Cases for Remote Consulation, Virtual Reality Tourism, and Virtual Reality Gaming

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With 5G commercial roll-out anticipated in Q3 2020, it will open opportunities for the adoption of advanced technologies in many verticals like digital healthcare and tourism. U Mobile has worked hard to explore ways in which 5G may benefit Malaysians through its use in various verticals.  In total, five ‘live’ use cases are being showcased in Langkawi in conjunction with the 5G Demonstration Projects, organised by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission. In December 2019, U Mobile showcased how 5G connectivity will power remote GP consultation via DOCpod by DoctorOnCall. The telco also showcased the speed of their 5G network, which achieved speeds of 1.2 gbps. Over the weekend, U Mobile showcased more 5G live use cases: remote consultation with MEDCOM, virtual reality (VR) multi-player gaming and VR tourism.

Woon Ooi Yuen, U Mobile’s CTO, shared that the telco remains resolute in exploring the unlimited potential of 5G and how it can benefit Malaysians when 5G becomes commercially available. “We are excited by the unlimited potential of 5G in progressing humanity. These use cases yield important findings which allow us to continue to disrupt the market with many services ready for roll out once 5G becomes commercially available. With 5G connectivity, geographical and socio-economic barriers can be removed and Malaysians can reap its maximum benefits together with us.”

Use Case 1: Remote Consultation with MEDCOM

U Mobile has partnered MEDCOM to offer remote consultation in hospitals. MEDCOM is a 5G-enabled telemedicine device that enables doctors to offer consultation to patients remotely. The device is portable making it easy for use and despite its portability, it is able to provide real time, high-quality, and ultra-reliable clinical, physiological, and diagnostic information for doctors to make decision from a distance.

Use Case 2: VR Tourism

U Mobile has partnered HTV Vive to showcase how 5G may transport users into an exciting and engaging world of Virtual Tourism, where one can go on an immersive journey and experience their destination remotely.

Use Case 3: VR Gaming

U Mobile has partnered with HTV Vive to showcase the power of 5G in VR gaming experience with the game, Front Defence. Woon Ooi Yuen demonstrates how 5G elevates any gamers experience as it has a clearer, more defined picture and gamers are able to immerse themselves in a rich, lag-free multiplayer world for an enhanced entertainment experience.

Use Case 4: Remote GP Consultation with DOCpod by DoctorOnCall

U Mobile has partnered with DoctorOnCall for a 5G use case offering remote GP consultation 5G use case. DoctorOnCall’s DOCpod is Malaysia’s first online medical video-consultation platform that combines advanced video and voice technologies with the medical knowledge and experience of Malaysia’s top doctors.

Use Case 5: Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

Steven Ge, Managing Director of ZTE Malaysia and Woon Ooi Yuen, Chief Technology Officer of U Mobile, sharing U Mobile’s 5G peak speed of 1.2gbps.


During the demonstration, Woon also emphasised that U Mobile will roll out more ‘live’ use cases benefiting verticals like smart manufacturing and education. U Mobile will share regular updates as these use cases bring the unlimited potential of 5G to reality and will also progress humanity.


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