Redesigning Fast Food Chains

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Burger King Malaysia introduced Burger King’s first immersive dining experience restaurant in Malaysia to mark the opening of the 100th Burger King outlet in the country on Saturday.

Located at the ground floor at IPC Shopping Centre, the restaurant features a garden grill concept that is intended to bring the brand back to its roots and provide diners with a holistic authentic flame grill burger dining experience.

The fast food world, said Burger King Malaysia CEO Ng Lee Tieng, is fast evolving.

“Consumers have moved beyond a point where fast food equals greasy burgers and fries made in record time. With more exposure today, consumers seek to enjoy a night out with family and friends at a restaurant that doubles as an event space that also serves real food, pulled together at a record time.

“Burger King has been serving 100% authentic flamed grilled burger at record time right from the beginning. Hence, we feel that by providing a setting that reflects the craft of our menu, we would be providing an immersive experiential space for our customer to enjoy their 100% authentic flame-grilled burger,” Ng said adding that the new 20/20 Garden Grill design concept was unveiled in the United Kingdom back in 2015.

Explaining the design, Ng said that the new concept uses construction materials such as bamboo, brick, natural copper and reclaimed wood to bolster the flame-grilling traditions of the brand.

On why Burger King Malaysia had chosen to implement the new concept as the design for its 100th restaurant, Ng added that 100th is a big milestone for the brand here in Malaysia and it is a testament of both the strength of the brand and the support from Malaysian diners for authentic flame grilled bugers for the past 23 years.

As such, Burger King hopes that the new ambiance would not only set the brand apart from other fast food chains but also enhance the dining experience for customers who seek 100% authetic flame grill burgers.

“Redesigning our 100th restaurant is one of the various innovative ways we are evolving to create better dining experience for our customers to enjoy 100% authentic burgers that are free from artificial ingredients, fillers, preservatives and food dyes.

“At Burger King Malaysia, we will remain steadfast to our commitment to bring to Malaysian consumers premium ingredients, signature recipes and family friendly dining experiences,” Ng said adding that Burger King aims to open another 50 outlets throughout Malaysia in the next two years.

In celebrating the opening of its 100th restaurant in Malaysia, Burger King is giving away 100 free burgers at all its outlets nationwide except branches located at the airports and Sunway Lagoon on 18 January 2020.


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