Shell’s New Premium Lubricant is Now More Affordable

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Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd has launched the new low viscosity Shell Helix HX8 0W 20 engine oil that meets the needs of almost all of today’s modern passenger car engines. Now, everyone can enjoy this fully synthetic engine oil which is not only premium but affordable as well.

The new Shell Helix HX8 0W 20 is the smarter choice for those who want to enjoy extra miles and all the benefits of a genuine fully synthetic engine oil from Shell, a trusted brand and the world’s number one lubricant supplier for the past 12 consecutive years.

The new Shell Helix HX8 0W 20 promises to deliver maximum performance, improved fuel economy and better engine protection during cold starts. With its adaptive Flexi Molecule Technology, Shell Helix HX8 protects the engine by adapting to every driving style and condition. As a result, car owners enjoy longer engine life with lower fuel consumption, longer oil drain intervals and lower maintenance costs.

Shell Lubricants Marketing General Manager May Tan said Shell was always developing innovative products to meet the market’s evolving needs.

“Globally, there is a continuing migration to low viscosity passenger car motor oil with many car manufacturers converting their factory first fill and service fill requirements to these low viscosity grade products. The new Shell Helix HX8 offers premium fully synthetic engine oil performance at an affordable price so that car owners can now give the best to their cars without compromise,” she said.

With the recommended retail prices at RM199 per 4-litre pack and RM53.90 for a one-litre pack, the new Shell Helix HX8 0W 20 is available at participating Shell Helix branded workshops and Shell retail stations. Consumers are advised to purchase from these outlets and look out for the ‘Untuk Pasaran Malaysia’ label to ensure product authenticity.

It joins two other Shell Helix HX8 variants that are already in the market – the 5W 40 (RRP: RM165 per 4-litre pack) and 5W 30 (RRP: RM180 per 4-litre pack.) All three genuine ‘Made for Malaysia’ Shell Helix HX8 products now come with attractive new ‘skyline’ labels.

In conjunction with the launch, Shell Malaysia is offering RM25 off for any of the three Shell Helix HX8 variants upon the customer registering the purchase on the Shell Advantage and Rewards (SHARE) loyalty programme. The promotion is valid until 30 November 2019.

For information on SHARE and the promotion in conjunction with the new Shell Helix HX8 0W 20 launch, visit here or call the Shell Customer Service Hotline at 1300 88 1808.


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