Greater Comfort and Superb Shower Experience with Bosch Tronic Series of Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters

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Bosch Thermotechnology, a leading European manufacturer of energy-efficient heating products and hot water solutions, launched the Bosch Tronic Series of electric instantaneous water heaters in Malaysia today. The Tronic Series will make its first debut in Malaysia with three models namely the Tronic 3000s, Tronic 6000s and Tronic 8000s in conjunction with Bosch Experience Day at The Gasket Alley, Petaling Jaya. This range of Bosch electric instantaneous water heaters is set to provide customers with much-needed convenience, comfort and assurance in terms of safety.

“We are happy to introduce the Tronic series of Bosch electric instantaneous water heaters in Malaysia. The three variants that we are launching today, namely the Tronic 3000s, the Tronic 6000s and the Tronic 6000s – each come with 3.8kW power capacity for faster heating, Temperature Anti-Scalding Technology to minimizes the sudden surge in temperature while showering and a 2-years warranty for safety assurance. It also automatically conducts safety checks of your water heater when the heater is switched on,” said Tan Kwang Hui, Regional Sales Director of Bosch Thermotechnology.

“Bosch water heater is designed with consistent simplicity – a concept that encompasses everything from initial contact to installation and ease of use. When looking at the market and the current time in which we live, we realized that convenience and comfort were paramount to consumers. Our electric instantaneous water heater under the Tronic series vary in terms of price and features to serve the different requirements of local consumers, ensuring maximum comfort for the best shower experience,” he added.

Introducing Tronic 3000 S – Simply a great solution for your shower

Equipped with the touch feature, the Tronic 3000s makes it effortlessly to switch the water heater on and off. It also comes with a rotary knob that allows the users to adjust the power conveniently and a LED ring on the front that makes it easy to see the current heating power at a glance. The appliance also provides hot water for shower in next to no time with 3.8kW heating capacity. The shower head comes with a three-step adjustable spray pattern, which is available as an accessory that is just as convenient.

The Tronic 3000 S offers a high level of safety in everyday use and comfortably complies with the relevant standards such as the IP25 water splash proof international protection rating, built-in Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) and it complies with SIRIM, the Malaysia National Standard. The auto self-check performs a check of the power connection every time the water heater is switched on, and the top LED lights indicate whether the appliance is safe to operate.

Presenting Tronic 6000 S – Simply safe, simply convenient, greater comfort

The Tronic 6000 S not only offers a high level of safety but also excellent convenience for the shower. The easy intuitive rotating knob with index indicator guide ensures that users can set the temperature to the nearest degree Celsius, which can also be seen on the digital display. This model from the series is also integrated with silent DC inverter pump which is barely audible (below 55 dB) when running and ensuring low noise. It also has a side button that can be used to switch the pump on and off.

The Tronic 6000 S is also equipped with temperature sensor and thermostatic control that enables the water to flow from the shower head at a stable temperature to prevent overheating, offering users great comfort for a relaxing shower experience. Similar to the Tronic 3000 S, this model also meets the stringent safety requirements such as water splash proof of IP25, RCCB, and SIRIM. The auto self-check that is linked to the On/Off button automatically checks that the appliance is safe to use and this is indicated via an LED light.

It also comes with a premium shower head set with adjustable spray pattern. Bosch has many years of experience in the production of electric water heaters. Customers will be able to see this in every detail of the Tronic 6000 S. It combines German engineering with high-quality materials and perfect workmanship. The result is simply compelling.

Unveiling Tronic 8000 S – Simply enjoy every shower

Safety, design and convenience – every detail is just right with the Tronic 8000 S. It is intuitive and easy to use. The Tronic 8000 S has a digital touch button that allows users to make any adjustment quickly and users can check the setting using the digital display screen. It also has a temperature memory function built-in that allows three pre-set desired temperature or saves the most recent settings. Different users can choose their desired setting and temperature easily with just a touch of the button.

Like the Tronic 6000 S, the Tronic 8000 S also comes with temperature sensor and thermostatic control which means that the water flows from the shower head at a stable temperature. This model of the Tronic series has a rain shower head, available as an accessory, for the extra touch of luxury, making showers more enjoyable and invigorating. As with all the Tronic series, the Tronic 8000 S also complies with all the safety standards such as water splash proof of IP25, RCCB and SIRIM. When it is switched on, the auto self-check will indicate if the water heater is safe to operate and indicates the result via an LED light.

The production of electric water heaters has been a long tradition at Bosch, and the Tronic 8000 S also benefits from this experience. The European design from Bosch engineering team is reflected in every touch and feel of the Tronic 8000 S. It is simply a stunning example of Bosch expertise in water heater technology and design.

All the Tronic Series of Bosch electric instantaneous water heater are designed to ensure modern hot water convenience for your home effortlessly. It combines high-quality workmanship, advanced safety features, and user-friendly functions at a great value to make your shower a comfortable and refreshing one.

The Bosch Tronic series of electric instantaneous water heater has a warranty period of two years for general parts, five years for heating and DC pump, and 10 years for tank leakage. The three different models from Bosch Tronic series of electric instantaneous water heater will be available at Bosch Experience Centre, modern electrical and electronic stores, sanitary ware shops as well as hardware shops nearby you. The Tronic 3000 S, Tronic 6000 S, and Tronic 8000 S will be selling at the retails price of RM429, RM 759 and RM999 respectively.


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