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Nikkor Z 58mm F0.95 S Noct


And this is a not-your-usually large aperture lens, it drops below the commercially used F1.2, so this is the ultimate F0.95! The Nikkor Z 58mm F0.95 S Noct.

Announced in conjunction with the rest of the Z 6 and Z 7 and S line lenses last August 2018, the Noct range is the largest and brightest to date, and we expect the price to be “Noct” as well. This is a large dimension standard prime manual focus lens and the fastest lens in Nikon’s history. As a result, the Noct is positioned at the top of the S-Line. Let us take a look some facts and features of this lens.

Optical Performance
Nikon created a new Noct featuring F0.95 maximum aperture (the last one was F1.2 back in 1977) that delivers new-dimensional rendering performance, with a new mount system providing a much larger amount of light and improved flexibility in lens design. This lens achieves outstanding resolving power from the maximum aperture by intensively compensating the various aberrations that are usually noticeable with fast lenses. Not to mention the optical design in pursuit of possibilities for bokeh effects that gently transforms from the sharply focused plane is realized. This lens provides the balance of resolution and bokeh, creating attractive, unprecedented spatial expression while delivering an impressive sense of depth.

In portrait and landscape photography, even fine details can be captured with superb rendering performance that achieves extremely sharp resolution and high contrast, with an ideally smooth transition of bokeh from the focused plane. This allows the content creator to achieve creative use of the shallow depth of field.

Nikkor Z 58mm F0.95 S Noct adopts a new highly accurate, large-diameter ground aspherical lens element. While achieving higher surface accuracy, glass material with a high refractive index that was previously considered difficult to employ for moulded-glass aspherical lenses is utilized to effectively compensate various lens aberrations with improved corrective capability.

The ARNEO Coat that provides anti-reflection performance almost equivalent to that of Nano Crystal Coat for incident light reaching the lens surface from a vertical direction is used. This multi-layer lens coating system allows ultra-low reflectance stably over the entire visible light range due to high-density, uniform coating layer thickness. The ARNEO Coat ensures the capture of clear and crisp images with a minimal ghost and flare effects across a wide variety of backlit situations that are normally troublesome to deal with.

The exterior is impressively built. The high-precision focus ring makes manual focus at ease and accurate even at F0.95 aperture, ideal for both still and movie shooting. Photographer can now make use of the control ring to set their favourite custom functions such as aperture setting and exposure compensation.

Coming real soon, price is not announced but be prepared to pay a kidney! Visit www.nikon.com.my for details.

Nikkor Z 58mm F0.95 S Noct

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