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LG Electronics brings New Revolutionary ‘Tankless’ Technology to Malaysia with LG Puricare Tankless Water Purifier


Bringing the latest technology trend from South Korea, leading home appliances manufacturer LG Electronics Malaysia (LG) today launched its PuriCare™ Tankless water purifier, providing Malaysians with healthy and easy access to clean drinking water at home.

LG PuriCare™ Tankless water purifier provides clean drinking water in a quick, environmentally-friendly way. Its cutting-edge Tankless technology directly filtrates water without need for a tank, where potentially dangerous microorganisms can grow. Thanks to LG’s innovative Inverter Compressor and Induction Heating (IH) System, PuriCare™ Tankless water purifier can instantly offer hygienic drinking water – hot, cold, or room temperature – and consumes less energy.

“[Here] At LG, we firmly believe that clean air and water are ubiquitous necessities everyone should be able to enjoy. With that in mind, today we are also unveiling a new-line up of products, PuriCare™  – designed to further enhance the quality of our consumer’s lives, especially their health.” said Kim Kyutae, Managing Director LG Electronics Malaysia. “As the safeguard to consumers and their families’ health and well-being, the LG PuriCare™ range of air and water purifiers bring consumers the best of nature’s elements, without the grime and pollution that the present environment entails.

With just a quick touch of the purifier’s display, users can immediately enjoy the benefits of fresh, purified water. LG’s advanced new system is backed by Total Service Care 1.2.3, the company’s comprehensive service plan including the replacement of core components, and regular in-home visits from qualified technicians. Stylish, compact and convenient, LG PuriCare™ Tankless water purifier is ideal for Malaysian families seeking to stay healthy and hydrated.

With Total Service Care 1.2.3, the optimal performance of PuriCare™ is guaranteed. LG’s comprehensive customer and product care comprises three parts: annual replacement of the compartments, two-way sanitization by UV sterilization, and service visits every three months. Internal pipes are changed yearly to keep the product as clean and hygienic as new. UV sterilization automatically sanitizes the water purifier every hour and gives users the option to activate it anytime. Visiting Care, the highlight of the Total Care 1.2.3, sees a qualified service professional pay regular in-home visits to change the filters and completely sanitize the unit.

Local personality and LG PuriCare™ campaign ambassador, Scha Alyahya said, “Attending rehearsals, interviews, shootings and looking after my family all at the same time is no easy feat, especially in today’s weather. But thanks to LG PuriCare™ Tankless water purifier’s Total Service Care 1.2.3, I get the best drinking water there is – all with a single touch.”

LG PuriCare™ Tankless water purifier also comes with smart features that enhance user convenience. A slim design and 180° rotating tap allow for better usage of space in the kitchen, taking up less room and enabling users to access the water purifier from whichever direction is easiest. The intuitive touch display allows users to set their preferred volume of water, and check filter status via the indicator light. Furthermore, Smart Diagnosis simplifies troubleshooting, detecting issues and suggesting solutions. Connectivity with SmartThinQ® via Wi-Fi allows users to monitor water usage by day, week, month and year. They also can check UV Sterilisation, and receive notifications of any problems, from their smartphone.

“Taking care of two small children is no easy feat – especially when trying to get them to drink enough water.” said Shaine Wong, parenting influencer, mother of two. “Even my husband and I at times forget our required dose of eight glasses of water. But with LG’s Smart ThinQ app, I can connect my LG PuriCare™ Tankless water purifier to my smartphone and monitor my family’s water usage. This is a great feature for all parents out there who wants to ensure everyone is drinking enough water in today’s scorching heat.”

Minimizing standby power with instantaneous heating technology, LG PuriCare™ Tankless water purifier adapts the advance technology of Inverter Compressor and Induction Heating (IH) System for users to enjoy hot and cold water in an energy saving way. LG PuriCare™ is also the first of its kind to provide consumers with 10 years warranty for its compressor.

LG Brings Unique 360° Degree Design With PuriCare® Air Purifiers

Placing focus on Malaysian’s health, LG also unveiled its trend-setting air purifier, equipped with advanced air purification technology. The air purifier’s unique cylindrical shape does more than just turn heads; it actually enhances the unit’s purification performance. Boasting cutting-edge air filtration system and air purifying technologies, users have instant access to fresh, clean air throughout their homes.

The PuriCare® air purifier utilizes a 360° Total Care Filter System that combats micro particles, harmful gases and odours. The filter’s first layer of defense removes large dust, with specialized filters then eliminating all external dust and ultra-fine dust. The final filter targets odour-causing agents such as formaldehyde.

The appliance can be controlled from inside and outside the home via LG SmartThinQ®. This enables users to check indoor air quality from anywhere and activate the air purifier before returning home. The smart air purifier also provides status updates and alerts users whenever it is time to replace the filter.

“Recent reports by the World Health Organization (WHO) have revealed that six million deaths were associated with outdoor and indoor air pollution. Exposure to air pollutants, especially fine particles has made air pollution the main avoidable environmental cause of diseases and premature death globally. It is estimated that we spend about 90% of our time indoors, yet outdoor pollution receives a disproportionate amount of the focus.”

“By incorporating an innovative 360 degree structure, LG’s new air purifier helps users achieve a healthy indoor environment,” said Kim. “As levels of fine dust, pollution, and house dust increase, it is becoming increasingly important to preserve the home as an area where clean air can be guaranteed. LG will continue to develop home appliances that protect the health of consumers and their families.”

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