Signifying a Brighter Future with Sustainable Living

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Signify, the world leader in lighting, unveiled the 3Sekawan smart lighting solutions today at the 2019 Publika MAPFest. Coined the ‘Signify Experience’, the introduction shed light on the company’s initiatives to design sustainable lighting solutions that are innovative and geared towards a greener and brighter future. With the Signify Experience in place, Signify intends to raise awareness amongst the public on energy-efficient lighting. Energy efficiency which is easily achievable by changing the way we use lights and adopting LED bulbs as a green alternative for incandescent lighting.

Three Cheers for Sustainability

The 3Sekawan lighting solutions unlock the extraordinary potential of light to sustain a greener world. The collection comprises of the Meson Surface Mount LED Downlight, UFO LED Bulb and the Stellar Bright LED T-Bulb, which incorporates unique features into its design, whereby fixtures can illuminate larger spaces while minimizing energy consumption and enhancing user comfort.

The collection has sustainable features which are inclusive of its long lifespan and energy-saving properties that help consumers minimize their electricity costs and in due course, their carbon footprint. The trio light bulbs emphasize on user experience, providing superior eye comfort by means of non-visible flickering, even light distribution and reduced glare through their philosophy of #EyeComfort. By ensuring a superior user experience and enhanced visual comfort, Signify’s products are set apart from the average LED lighting available in the market.

The Meson Surface Mount LED Downlight has three temperatures ranging from warm white light, to cool daylight which is suitable for ambient lighting in spaces such as living rooms, corridors, and bedrooms. The UFO LED Bulb has an all-around reflection for a 180-degree light distribution which provides more radiance perfect for task lighting in functional spaces such as kitchens, utility rooms, and living rooms. The Stellar Bright LED T-Bulb has a sleek design and features a modular angle neck to twist and rotate to the preferred setting fit for focal lighting required in vanity rooms, walls and workspaces.

Introducing Visitors to Sustainable Living

Held at the Publika Shopping Gallery, the annual MAPFest started on the 30th of March and ends on the 14th of April 2019. The Publika Shopping Gallery partnered up with Signify as venue sponsors. Located at the Boulevard, the Signify Experience was brought to life through an experiential room, which focused on two key product zones that recreated a simulation of living spaces to showcase how smart energy lighting can be incorporated into daily life. The first zone is the 3Sekawan Zone which features a replica of a bedroom with fixtures from the collection, whilst the second zone is the Philips Hue Zone which is   around ambient lighting in living spaces.

Through its real-life applications, the Philips Hue Zone featured Hue Light Strips, Hue Go Portable Light and the Hue Starter Kit. Synched to the Hue application, the light bulbs are connected by WiFi to enable wireless control and settings for which can be adjusted to a consumer’s preference. To align with the artistic aspect of the setup, the works of doodle artist Munif Malek’s adorned the walls. The lighting in the experiential room was specifically set to illuminate the doodles and bring them to life in accordance with the artist’s interpretation.


Unearthing a Brighter Future

The Earth Hour initiative tied in with Signify’s promise to be environmentally-conscious and reduce its carbon footprint through its participation in MAPFest’s annual Earth Hour events. The events were created by MAP KL as an effort to unite the local community together through art and culture.

Besides the ‘Signify Experience’ experiential room, visitors were able to donate their old light bulbs at a special lightbulb-shaped installation located near The Square. For every donation received, the public was able to receive a recyclable bag with a Philips luggage tag along with it.

The ‘Signify Experience’ ran from 30th March to 7th of April, with the launch taking place on the 6thof April. The pledging took place over the two weekends, 30th and 31st of March 2019, and 6th and 7th  of April that called for the public to bring along their old light bulbs. The timings were centered towards Publika’s active footfall periods from 2:00PM to 4:00PM and 1:00PM to 3:00PM respective dates.

On the 6th of April, another announcement was made which revolved around the 3Sekawan launch that had taken place at The Square at 1:00PM to 3:00PM. Visitors were also encouraged to trade in their old light bulbs, and they were able to purchase a lucky bag filled with lighting goodies at half the price, available exclusively on the same day. The event was bolstered through the hashtag #ConnectToEarth to illustrate the philosophy behind the rationale of giving back to Mother Nature.

During the launch of the 3Sekawan range, Signify Asean CEO Alok Ghose donated a substantial amount to the World Wide Fund (WWF) Malaysia which was received by WWF’s Head of Policy and Climate Control, Lavanya Rama Iyer. Gracing the event, Lavanya shared, “Lighting businesses are key to the preservation of our environment and it is commendable for an innovative lighting company like Signify that has a stronghold of influence within the industry to make a commitment of this value towards environmental preservation. Energy efficient lighting is important for today’s consumers, and this is an exemplary action from Signify to invent products that protect the future of the ecosystem. As Earth Hour resonates deeply with our core principles at WWF, we welcome Signify’s support to upkeep our conservation promise by optimizing platforms such as MAPFest to connect Malaysians with meaningful consumption habits.”

The event ended with Alok passing a lightbulb to Lavanya as they both placed it into the light bulb installation to symbolize the two companies’ shared commitment towards protecting the environment and reducing energy wastage.

“We aim to educate Malaysians that today’s innovative, sustainable smart lighting solutions are more energy-efficient. By changing the way we create and use light, we can improve lives and have a positive impact on the planet. It is ever important for consumers to make conscious decisions and choose the right products that benefit the ecological system. Through meaningful consumption, we are here to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. We look forward to collaborating more with initiatives such as the Earth Hour that aligns with our values, innovation, passion for sustainability and desire to transform people’s lives,” Ghose said.


Signify – Leaders in Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Since the 1970s, the brand has built its legacy as a well-renowned, household name in Malaysia. With a strong foundation in the country, the company continued to grow both at home and abroad, as a global leader in lighting solutions. On the 16th of May, 2018, the company formerly known as Philips Lighting re-envisioned itself to better suit its future goals and Signify was born. The nomenclature was based on the way light has transformed into a tool/means for communication, for conveying meaning – an intelligent language. It is part of the company’s strategic vision and mission to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.

Today, lighting accounts for 13% of the world’s demand for electricity. The global shift to LED will reduce this to 8% by 2030. Signify aims to be at the forefront of the government’s initiative towards increasing the use of renewable energy to 2% by 2022. The initiative is set to be one of the many consumer-centric initiatives, such as Earth Hour, which is a globally   event promoting environmental awareness and protection. Signify became the first lighting company in the world to have delivered close to 1.8 Billion LED lamps and luminaires to-date, with a target for 2 billion by 2020, as part of the Global Lighting Challenge.

This achievement has a significant impact on Signify’s green initiatives since it means actualizing carbon emission reductions of more than 33,000 kilotons of CO2, which is well over 100 times Signify’s net carbon footprint for 2017. By the end of 2018, nine of Signify’s physical locations achieved carbon neutrality, operating completely on renewable energy.

In 2018, Signify was also named an Industry Leader in the Electrical Components and Equipment category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, with top scores (100/100) obtained in Environmental Reporting, Operational Eco-Efficiency, and Innovation Management. Signify’s achievements are reflective of its mission to become a global leader in energy efficient lighting solutions, which help minimize the carbon footprint left behind from growing lighting demands.

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