Introducing SalamToday by SalamWeb – The Lifestyle Portal that keeps you positively Up to Date

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SalamWeb, unveiled SalamToday – a brand new lifestyle portal for the digital Muslim community. SalamToday empowers its user community to discover positive lifestyle insights and fascinating events tailored for them.

As the first-of-its-kind lifestyle portal launched by SalamWeb and accessible from anywhere, the SalamToday portal features a vibrant mix of editorial content powered by a very capable team of experienced writers. The main portal which targets the Malaysian Muslim community is editorially produced in Bahasa Melayu (Malay language), while the international section contains articles in English.

The content featured on SalamToday encompasses six main categories:

  1. Selera (Savour) – A section for foodies to browse through recommendations for the best Halal food in and out of Malaysia
  2. Stail (Style) – Keeps Fashionistas in check with the latest and hottest modest fashion trends
  3. Singgah (Sights) – Caters to wander-lusters with Muslim friendly accommodation and travel recommendations
  4. Seni (Senses) – For art enthusiasts to get their latest updates on the world of arts, culture and entertainment
  5. Suka (Seek) – Keeps everyone updated with the latest hobbies & activities
  6. Sahsiah (Soul) – Provides support with motivational, as well as spiritual guidance in pursuit of becoming a better version of yourself


The digital cover of the first ever issue of SalamToday featured Malaysian actress and singer, Ziana Zain. From constantly reinventing herself to her award-winning career, Ziana Zain has always brought her iconic style and grace to everything that she does and is an inspiration to live a fulfilling existence with authentic experiences that embraces the lifestyle of modern Muslims.

Shah Shamshiri, Senior Product Manager of Lifestyle at SalamWeb Technologies MY, said at the launch, “With SalamToday, we are building upon the positive work established through SalamWeb by expanding on that vision to create a better, customized online experience. We are deeply committed to quality content that reflects what matters most to our diverse Muslim audiences across the globe, which includes latest happenings and social trends, balanced with keeping the community apprised on spiritual-related topics. With verticals dedicated to everything from parenting to music, SalamToday provides a friendly platform for the modern Muslim to share their own insights with other like-minded users. SalamToday is currently available in Bahasa Melayu with an international section containing articles produced in English.

We hope to expand to other Muslim-majority countries like Indonesia and so forth, producing similar content in the relevant local language.”

SalamToday marks an important milestone for SalamWeb Technologies MY, offering users reliable content in a more ethically-sensitive digital ecosystem. Explaining the company’s mission, Puan Hasni Zarina Khan, Managing Director of SalamWeb Technologies MY said, “With SalamToday our goal is to inform, inspire, and empower audiences around the world with positive lifestyle, current affairs news and developments, tailored for them. As the first-of-its-kind lifestyle portal launched by SalamWeb and accessible from anywhere, the SalamToday empowers people to build a digital Ummah and provide Muslims a digital life that is consistent with positive Islamic values and beliefs. Our products, with its clear focus on community, provides an important choice to browse only content that matters the most.”

The SalamToday launch event was attended by Malaysian celebrities, including Ziana Zain, and was emceed by renowned Malaysian heart-throb Alif Satar. The event featured musical performances by Noryn Aziz, Siti Sarah, and showcased latest modest fashion designs by Malaysian designers, Anuar Faizal. The collection featured designs for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr festivities for both men and women.

Launched in Malaysia, SalamToday is accessible on all platforms and can also be found embedded in the SalamWeb browser, which is available worldwide for anyone and anywhere from


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