AZTI Technology improves Safety of Platform-Railway-Interface through Latest Barrier Pies

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Malaysian technology company AZTI® Technology Sdn Bhd (the Company) today showcased its latest Barrier Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop (PIES®) at the TECHNOMART Malaysia by Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT) in partnership with The Malaysia Rail Industry Corporation (MARIC). The Barrier PIES® is a physical barrier fence designed with an invisible Laser Curtain system integrated with an Automated Public Announce system to be installed at Train Door Entrances – fully made in Malaysia by a Malaysian technology company. Improving the safety features of the railway platform interface, Barrier PIES® covers more than 70% of the platform edge to prevent passengers from falling down to the track side.

The TECHNOMART Malaysia event was officiated by the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad together with Datuk Dr. Mohd Yusoff Sulaiman, President and Chief Executive Officer of MiGHT and President of MARIC. The event aims to showcase the tracks that the nation has laid and the charted way forward for the nation’s rail industry.

Putting people’s safety as the highest priority, the Barrier PIES® with Crowd Management System is an enhanced preventive system of the current reactive PIES system. This enhanced system with Preventive Measures helps to minimise train operation down time due to intrusions and improves Public Image, Operation Efficiency and Profitability to the Operator.

Lian Wah Seng, Group Chief Executive Officer of AZTI Technology said, “At AZTI® Technology, our development philosophy is that of “Good but can be Better”.  PIES® is the most reliable system with the longest operating track record worldwide since 1985 and has proven its capabilities in ensuring platform safety. Today, the introduction of Barrier PIES® with Crowd Management System is a way forward in improving the existing PIES safety features. The crowd management system provides useful data and statistics to the Operator to OPTIMIZE the Train Operation for current and future Resources Management and Planning. In Malaysia, PIES® system has been operated in Kelana Jaya LRT Line since year 1995 and thus far, the system has had zero fatal incidents. In fact, in April last year, a tragedy involving a pregnant lady was averted at the Kelana Jaya LRT line when the lady fainted and fell on the track. We hope to continue serving our nation with world-class solutions of advanced security and detection. Our cost effective platform intrusion safety solutions requires minimal capital outlay at lowest operating expenses for the rail industry.”


The function of Barrier PIES®

  • The People Counter Sensor to be installed at each train door entrance to measure and estimate the inflow and outflow of passengers to a particular train.
  • The updated passenger counting data will be sent to a counting server located in the control center to process and to update the passenger occupancy data to a Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) Server.
  • The PIDS Server will forward the processed passenger occupancy data to the PIDS Display which is installed at a Train Door Entrances of “Next Station” for the particular train, to display the Crowd Status on each train car entrance to alert the passenger at the platform to move toward the less crowded train car entrance to board the incoming train.


How Crowd Management System works?

  • The passenger inflow and outflow data from both station automatic fare collection (AFC) gate and AZTI Train Passenger Counting System will be collected and sent to the Counting Server located in Operation Control Center (OCC).
  • The counting server will compile and compare the updated inflow and outflow data to estimate the number of passengers within a particular station gated and platform areas and to send the updated crowd data to a designated OCC Server for Crowd Monitoring and Management Purposes.


At the recent Asia’s No.1 Rail & Metro Event – Integrating the Asian Rail Industry, Rail Asia Conference 2019 held in Bangkok last month, AZTI® Technology was the only Malaysian company carrying a made in Malaysia product which received numerous positive responses from industry players.

The Company continues to provide world class solutions to the security and detection needs of railway and transit industries and to build a cost-effective platform intrusion safety system that works for rail industries.

For more information about AZTI’s solutions for railway industries, please log on to or contact +603- 8051 8619 for further enquiries.