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Fujifilm announces New Hybrid Instant Camera – Instax Square SQ20


FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce that it will launch “instax SQUARE SQ20” (SQ20) compatible with square format film as a new addition to the instax series of instant camera line, which allows users to enjoy on-the-spot photo printing. The SQ20 has a variety of functions such as motion mode which can print the best moment of moving subjects easily and other new functions which can enjoy dynamic photos. The stylish and easy-to-hold design allows the camera to be taken anywhere, ensuring you never miss a precious moment.

The SQ20 offers a wide variety of functions that allow you to enjoy both taking and printing photos. In addition to normal shooting for still images, a new function called “Motion Mode” allows you to take a video (max 15 seconds), use a dial on the backside of the camera, and easily print the best moment of moving subjects—something that has been difficult to achieve previously.

The “Time Shift Collage” can take 4 images with a time difference—all at once—by pushing a single shutter button. It allows you to enjoy the new photo shooting experience that takes photos looking at 4 images having a time difference at one time. The special filter “Sequence” can take dynamic and dreamy photos adding sequence effects to the image.

The camera has the first zooming function before shooting within the instax series. There is also a self-shot mirror attached to the side of the lens allowing you to check the shooting range. As a hybrid instant camera, which is equipped with a digital image sensor and digital image processing technology, the camera allows you to select your favourite images before printing and to edit the images with various filters. With the benefits of a hybrid instant camera, a wide variety of photographic expression can be made even with the same image.

“The camera is stylish and easy-to-hold. There are two colour variations with matte black to suit any scene and style, and beige for an elegant and fashionable feel. The design of the lens ring—and around the ring—is reminiscent of water ripples. It not only makes the camera easy to hold but is also a contemporary design feature.

“Since 1998, the instax series product line has been used all over the world and has been particularly embraced by a young demographic. Cumulative shipments have exceeded 30 million units across the globe. Fujifilm will continue to spread the instant photo system “instax,” which allows people across the planet to “enjoy printing photos as they take them,” said Fumiaki Sato, Managing Director of  Fujifilm Malaysia.


Main features of SQ20

  • Shooting photos looking at the LCD monitor, selecting your favourite images before printing
  • Moving subjects can also be taken easily and dynamic photos can be printed
  • Enjoy editing videos as well as still images adding filter effect
  • A wide variety of photographic expression can be made with double exposure and bulb mode
  • 4.0 x digital zoom
  • Self-shot mirror
  • Stylish and sophisticated design


SQ20 is scheduled to release on 20th October 2018 in 2 colours: Beige and Matte Black. For more information, visit fujifilm.my.

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