OPPO F7 brings a Mix of Local and International Fanfare with Product Ambassadors Neelofa and Hebe Tien

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OPPO, the Selfie Expert and Leader, today launched the latest OPPO F7 to capture the real you. OPPO is also pleased to have Malaysian megastar Neelofa and Taiwanese singer-actress Hebe Tien as product ambassadors.

These two glamorous stars embody the F7 perfectly as they radiate grace, elegance, class and sophistication. They are also undoubtedly beautiful and talented and have won numerous awards, making them mainstays in the entertainment industry both locally and internationally hence, well suited to represent the OPPO F7.


“I am thrilled to have been selected by OPPO to be the product ambassador for the F7. As someone who loves a good selfie, this incredible smartphone comes with the AI Beauty 2.0 technology which truly takes selfie photography to a whole new level. With the F7’s even more accurate facial recognition capabilities and better beautification effects, I am now able to take natural selfies effortlessly and share it with my fans,” said Neelofa.

“The A.I. Beauty 2.0 has updated its selfie technology from the predecessor in allowing users to capture better and natural selfies. In addition, it’s astonishing mirror polished rear body saves me time to search in my bag because the red colour is eye-catching. The phone itself is handy and nice to hold, and even though it is 6.2-inch, its perfect for my everyday use” stated Hebe.


With a diverse range of fans between these two shining stars, OPPO is set to share the funky new features of the F7 with them. In a time where selfies are celebrated, ensuring that they are done in the finest circumstances is vital and the F7 allows just that – capturing users in the best light possible.

According to William Fang, CEO of OPPO Malaysia, “Engaging with Neelofa and Hebe and having them on board as product ambassadors felt as natural as the selfies taken by the F7. Our aim is to always improve on our existing technology to bring fans something fresh and new, so with these ambassadors and the amped up technology, we can’t wait for consumers to try out the OPPO F7 for themselves as it is certain to give then an exceptional user experience.”

The F7 utilizes improved AI technology for selfie photography in addition to many more AI-powered operational features. Together with the Super Full Screen and upgraded multi-tasking software, the F7 offers consumers a better user experience.


25MP X Real-Time HDR Sensor

The F7 features a high-resolution 25MP front camera with real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) sensor. Images taken with the F7 will have a lot more “information” – a higher range of details, luminance and color levels when shot in bright sunlight or the shade, similar to images taken with a good quality digital camera. Thus, the user has a lot more control – regardless of whether photos are taken in bright or low light environments. The HDR images, together with AI Beauty 2.0 with its ability to make improved age and gender beautification effects, will give selfie fans a much-enriched experience.


AI Beauty 2.0 Technology enhances “Your Beauty Expert”

OPPO first introduced the F5 with A.I. Beauty Recognition technology, making selfies more real, natural and personalized. The latest F7 will have second-generation A.I. Beauty 2.0 technology that pushes the envelope on selfie photography even further. New advances include more accurate facial recognition capability, better beautification effects for gender and age; Self-learning capabilities based on user preferences plus added fun features.

The A.I. Beauty 2.0 technology scans 296 facial recognition points, a 20% improvement from the first-generation technology, allowing for a more precise and accurate facial recognition capability. Now, a person’s age, gender, skin color and skin type differences are detected – including for up to four individual subjects – in much greater detail.


We also know everyone has his or her beauty and thanks to A.I. learning, now your selfies can be exactly just as you like. A.I. learning identifies your beautification preferences, based on the most common edits made to photo album images, and automatically creates similar adjustments to new photos. So next time you take a selfie and want that perfect skin tone, exotic eye shape or other fun facial feature, F7 knows precisely what to do.

New features are also built into the F7 making it much more attractive and fun. Vivid Mode gives the user the opportunity to play with more color saturation of a selfie, enhancing the color of clothes and backgrounds, for example. Selfies can be touched up, much like taking a cover shot for a glossy magazine. While the AR (Augmented Reality) Stickers function allows you to have fun with selfies, adding cute animal or movie star like features, ready for social media sharing.


Super Full Screen 2.0 with 19:9 Aspect Ratio

The F7 comes with an improved 2280 x 1080 resolution, 6.2-inch FHD+ Super Full Screen gives a much more colorful, vivid and immersive visual experience. The F7 is also one of the first smartphones with a customized 19:9 aspect ratio, giving the user a larger area of effect for popular role-playing and strategy games. It achieves this amazing visual feat by incorporating a notch, featuring the front camera, brand-new antenna and light sensor, neatly integrated into the screen.


The App-in-App allows the user to pick up an incoming call while continuing gaming or watching a movie. The Full Screen Multitasking on the F7 is the first in the industry lets the user use gestures to navigate between apps.


Fresh Industrial Design to Appeal to Young Users

The finish of the F7 sets new standards in precision and materials engineering, with every detail carefully considered by OPPO designers. Users have three different color choices to suit their personality – Solar Red and Moonlight Silver, and special Diamond Black edition.


The special edition 128GB model comes in Sunrise Red – using a unique glass body that shimmers like gemstones, reflecting different colors with each glance from the user.

Also, inspired by its namesake gemstone, the F7 Diamond Black model is a symbol of elegance and technological perfection. Meticulous care and artisanal skills, as used in cutting and polishing diamonds, is applied to every device. A multi-layered metallic and glass back cover replicates a diamond-like glow and light refraction, with triangular-cut patterns that shimmer bright and dark shades when seen from different angles. From the edge to the center of the phone, rainbow colors shine and glimmer, a design and color never seen before. The F7 Diamond Black will also have 128GB memory, among the largest available on an OPPO device.


The F7 Diamond Black model will be exclusively available at selected OPPO stores.


The latest ColorOS 5.0 and Powerful Hardware

The F7 runs on the latest 64-bit 4GB Octa-core processor, with a much refined operating system. Based on Android 8.1, ColorOS 5.0 has AI built into the software for better systems management.

The ColorOS 5.0 AI power manager allocates processing power accordingly to the right app, making sure the phone runs at its best. As such, F7 runs 80 percent faster than its F5 predecessor when running multiple apps together. Additionally, it also allocates power usage appropriately, extending the average daily usage of battery life.


At the price of RM 1,399 OPPO F7’s pre-order activity starts from 16th April to 18th April 2018. Users who placed orders during this period were gifted a bundle of free gifts worth RM299. Pre-orders can be made either offline at OPPO Concept Stores and OPPO Official Sales Points across Malaysia or online at the Official OPPO website and from OPPO’s e-commerce partners’ sites such as Lazada, 11Street, Shopee and others. Consumers may also head to Celcom, Senheng and SenQ as alternatives.

The first sale roadshow will take place on 21st April 2018 in Sunway Pyramid, KL. The special edition 128GB model will also be available later, to give OPPO fans more choices to suit their needs.

For more information, please visit OPPO Concept Store and OPPO Official FB page.


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