SHARP blooming worldwide, both TV and Smartphone won global awards

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With the annual International Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) launched, everyone is looking into Las Vegas. As the first International Science and Technology exhibition during New Year, all enterprises hope to show their own coolest products there.

On this date January 10, 2018, the United States International Data Group (IDG) and the United States consumer electronics industry’s largest consumer magazine organized grand event for “2017-2018 Global Top Brands” awards ceremony in Las Vegas, USA. Thanks to SHARP’s cutting edge technology and product innovation, SHARP won two powerful awards this year, the “The Best Full Screen Smartphone Innovation Award 2017” from SHARP mobile AQUOS S2 and “8K Innovation Technology Contribution Award” from SHARP lcd-70sx970a 8K Television. Dr. Jacob Chen, vice president of Foxconn Technology Group, attended the event and received the award.

The world’s annual innovation award reveals the strength of SHARP mobile phone
According to the organizers, “Global Top Brands” is setting up a new stage for brand to show the overall technological innovation strength for consumers all over the world under the “smart brand, activate new consuming ecology” theme. This will help showing consumers the vitality and competitiveness of electronic brands.


SHARP AQUOS S2 is the first who won the the Best Full Screen Smartphone Innovation Award 2017. Showed incredible technological innovative force in electronic consumer territory around the globe. With the endorsement of pre-existing international brand influence, SHARP stands out among the industry with FFD Full Screen technology, innovative design.

In order to avoid the full screen mobile phone with the camera at the bottom and make the user experience inconvenience, SHARP mobile phone is adopting the world’s first FFD Full screen technology as front camera design solutions, which is SHARP AQUOS S2 ‘s primary innovation.


Meanwhile, SHARP AQUOS S2 also implemented a three-side extremely narrow border design, pushed the screen ratio to 87.5%, so that 5.5-inch screen has a traditional 4.9-inch mobile phone feel, which is a major change in mobile phone design. It provided double comfort for vision and the touch, and solved the screen size and mobile phone size dilemma.

In addition, the SHARP AQUOS S2 limited edition also uses the global first molding 5 curved surface 3D glass craft, directly challenges the top process, and the process is extremely difficult, therefore, it makes every back cover extremely precious, and SHARP has reached the Top Standard in the industry.


It can be said that SHARP deserved “The Best Full Screen Smartphone Innovation Award 2017”. Such award not only signifies SHARP become an innovation leader in the domestic market , but also identifies its innovative technology based on the international arena, further, highly recognized by the global media and international authoritative certification entities.

8K TV display technology reveals the strength of SHARP innovation
SHARP is an enterprise with over one hundred years, and is acknowledged as ‘the father of LCD’. There is a widespread consensus among the industry and consumers’ that SHARP display technology has achieved international’s first-class product standard.

SHARP has been recognized by the industry for the world’s first 8K TV, and awarded as “Innovation Technology Contribution Award”. This showed the “strength” of SHARP screen technology which has been accumulated for years.

SHARP lcd-70sx970a 8K TV integration multiple cutting edge technology, for instance, resolution that is 16 times more than the standard 2090P screen, a more vivid color, cadmium-free wide gamut, HD. With its awesome technical and unrivalled Super HD screen, SHARP TV made a milestone in the industry, and deserved the “Innovation Technology Contribution Award”

On the same day, Dr. Jacob Chen, the Vice Chariman of Foxconn Technology Group, attended the ceremony and received the award. Dr. Jacob Chen commented, “2018 is the first year of 8K Ecology, this award is a good start. Coming up, SHARP will be committed to the development of 8K Ecology, let the world enjoy the 8K Super HD vision.”

Empowered by Foxconn, SHARP has activated the 8K plan which implied the fact that 8k+5g+AIot era is coming soon. With the endorsement of its international brands background, SHARP has the opportunity to standout with its Free Form Full Screen technology and innovative design.

SHARP has great influence on the development of screen in the next-generation
As the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology event, CES brings a large number of consuming electronics companies with their latest products and cutting-edge technologies. For the mobile phone industry, it also indicates the 2018’s bellwether product and technology development trend.

SHARP has been the screen manufacturing industry leader all these years, dedicated in positioning SHARP’s standard higher than industry’s average level, or even become the one who determines industry standards. For the mobile industry, SHARP AQUOS S2 is adopting the world’s first FFD Full screen technology, which will be the future direction of full screen technology.

SHARP FFD full screen technology overcomes the camera and sensor layout problems, it creatively opened a screen notch on top of the phone, and embedded the front camera along with proximity sensors ambient light sensors under the notch. The speaker is hidden in the top border of the screen. This design ensures a larger screen ratio while provides users a better selfie experience.


Free form full screen will also bring significant changes to the mobile phone upstream and downstream industry supply chains. The innovative free form full screen technology will promote changes to the screen supply chain, and it will be of revolutionary significance for the handset’s own UI and the content adaptation of the third party.

In terms of TV, SHARP has launched the world’s first 8K TV, which directly upgraded the TV industry standard. SHARP 8K TVs have 7680*4320 high-resolution, with a sharpness of 4 times more compared to 4K TVs. 8K technology not only enhances the definition, frame frequency, color gamut, perspective and also in other aspects. Under the HD TV standard, SHARP 8K TV frame frequency reached 120 frames per second, the screen fluency significantly increased, and almost reached the limit of human eye.

Now 5G technology has declared the development of 5G network, Dr. Jacob Chen, vice president of Foxconn Technology Group, stated that SHARP has been well prepared from the “father of the LCD” into “the father of the 8K ecology”. It is reported that SHARP and Foxconn will deploy the 8K eco-industry together, from the upstream 8K content to 8K content editing, storage, transmission, and the final 8K content broadcast, which formed the 8k+5G full industrial chain.

In 2017, under the competitive market, as SHARP was empowered by Foxconn, it not only continued the SHARP original advantages of the technology, but also captivated the successful manufacturing experience and continuous innovations to TV from Foxconn. SHARP is now leading the industry with innovative products and competitive branding strategies.

SHARP blooming worldwide, both TV and Smartphone won global awards


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