Casio to release 35th Anniversary NIGO×K.IBE G-SHOCK Collection

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Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will mark the 35th anniversary of its G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches in April 2018. As part of its celebration of this milestone, Casio announced today the release of two special models developed in collaboration between the leading Japanese fashion designer and creative director, NIGO®, and the G-SHOCK inventor, Kikuo Ibe. A special edition of 35 watches of each model will be sold worldwide.


The new models are based on the DW-5600, in a nod to the heritage of the first G-SHOCK ever, and the DW-6900, which is the basis for many G-SHOCK collaboration models and a model NIGO® feels a personal connection with. To realize the two collaborators’ aspiration to bring an unprecedented expression to the design, the watches use vividly colored, translucent, fluorescent plastics. The fluorescent paint is coated with two layers of plastic and further coated throughout with a UV-resistant clear paint after molding. The process protects against discoloring and this is the first time for this technology to be featured in any G-SHOCK watch.

The collaboration models employ special design features including a message from the collaborators inscribed on the back case: “35th Anniversary Model Thank you from NIGO & K.IBE.”


The special models will be sold in a raffle among hopefuls who pre-register at a special website. Those who pre-register may also enter themselves for a chance to be selected as the one lucky person to receive their watch directly from Kikuo Ibe, wherever they are in the world.


How to Order

Pre-register at the special website. If you are selected in the raffle, you will receive an email. For details about pre-registering, please visit the following website.

Website: (Goes live at 6:00 am, January 10, 2018, Coordinated Universal Time)

Pre-registration Period: From 3:00 am, February 1, 2018 to 14:59 pm, March 5, 2018, Coordinated Universal Time

Raffle: March 2018 (tentative date)


About NIGO®

nigobwNIGO® first took the world by storm with his own fashion brand in the 1990s, which catapulted him into a position as a street culture pioneer. NIGO® made a clean break from the brand in 2011, and has since branched out into various fields. In addition to producing designs for his own brand, HUMAN MADE®, he has served as creative director for a number of projects with global companies including Uniqlo’s UT Collection, iQOS by Philip Morris, YOHO! (China’s leading youth culture magazine), and a collaborative label with CyberAgent, an Internet TV and ad company. At the same time, NIGO® continues to wield considerable influence in the music world; the artists, sounds, and visuals he has produced have received numerous awards. The multitalented NIGO®’s reach extends beyond fashion, including being a producer and DJ for the hip hop group HONEST BOYZ®, designing album artwork and merchandise for the girl group Happiness, producing a collaborative event with the SEVEN label directed by NAOTO of Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, and producing the Curry Up restaurant.


About Kikuo Ibe

ibeBorn in 1952, Kikuo Ibe earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Sophia University in 1976, before joining Casio. Initially assigned to the Design Department, Ibe was involved in digital watch construction development. In 1981, he proposed a rugged watch that would not break even if dropped and began developing a shock-resistant construction. After two years of hard work, the first G-SHOCK was released. Ibe later oversaw product planning for the MR-G series of G-SHOCK watches with a metal exterior and the OCEANUS line of full metal watches equipped with radio-controlled, solar-powered systems. While continuing to be active in watch development, Ibe also participates in G-SHOCK events around the world as the father of G-SHOCK, working to expand the global reach of the brand.


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