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Malaysia (9 August 2017) — Today, Sony Malaysia unveils the new BRAVIA Al HDR OLED TV, along with numerous home entertainment products aimed at fulfilling the ideal interior space ecosystem. The BRAVIA TV line-up has been at the forefront of TV innovation, heralding proprietary imagery technologies like 4K HDR and Triluminos Display. These technologies may accentuate trademarks of picture quality but video and audio are just one part of the package. The search for creating the ultimate viewing experience stems from the realisation that the spatial harmonics, giving the products the versatility to mesh with any interior, are what really perfect the experience. Sony believed in this idea and thus, the concept of Slice of Living was introduced, rewriting unconventional approaches for modern-living sensibilities.


The Slice of Living concept revisits the basic need — how people style their, living spaces ­opening up avenues for a discovery of inspiration in developing new TVs and Sound Bars. TV screens are getting bigger by the day and living spaces need to be places of comfort. The Slice of Living concept approaches such context, balancing the coexistence of home products with living rooms. The products needed to be in unison with the living space, so practicality and aesthetics were taken into account, in the goal towards shaping products into works of art.

Any home-living product can be a work of art in the living-space, so principles and elements of the living room like wall tiles and materials, were assimilated into the development of the ideal products, allowing them to harmonize naturally with their surroundings. Sony pushes beyond the traditional realms of interior designing and furniture. This resulted in the conception of the BRAVIA Al OLED TV, utilizing the One Slate concept — an approach that condenses a given product into a single slate, .giving the product a natural elegance for users to experience as a work of art in and of itself.


Minimalism is a key proponent of the Slice of Living concept, evoking a form of art that is more than just visual appeal — it lets the viewer experience something. This was the basic idea towards designing the BRAVIA Al OLED TV. The TV encompassed OLED display technology that carried all the different functions within the screen itself, thus eliminating the need for speakers, a bezel, or a stand. For audio, sound was incorporated into the screen utilizing the new Acoustic Surface technology that generated sound through vibrations in the screen itself. This consolidated the visual experience and the aural experience into a single slate.

The X93E Series is a high-end fusion of stunning 4K HDR visuals, amazing sound, and phenomenal interior design elements. The colour tone and back panel features a striking geometric pattern that is a reflection of walls and tiles, allowing the TV to feature well on the aesthetic front. On the other hand, the X85E Series does not only feature amazing realism in picture quality, but it also features silver tones on the warmer side of the colour spectrum, allowing the product to complement wooden racks and flooring with more compelling aesthetic allure.


Living spaces require attention to detail, so there is the need to ensure that products like Sound Bars fit into the interior space functionally. The design of the new HT-MT500/MT300 Sound Bar is a combination of adaptability, capable of fitting into any interior space while dazzling users with high-spec sound experiences. The HT-MT500/MT300 Compact Sound Bar boasts warm colour with synthetic leather surface running across its rounded form, allowing the product to assimilate with the surrounding furniture and interior elements. This fulfils the balance of visual and aural experiences.

Sony Malaysia is also unveiling the new flagship HT-ST5000 Sound Bar that incorporates Dolby Atmos technology, producing exhilarating three-dimensional surround sound with a seven-speaker array on the front and enabled speakers on the top of each side. The design of the Sound Bar is centred on a straight-line motif that creates a unified personality in front of any black LCD panel. A new cinematic level of audio and visual immersion is produced at the comfort of your home with the precise detail of High-Resolution Audio playback and High Dynamic Range.


For more information, log on to www.sony.com.my.


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