Kaspersky Lab’s Targeted Attacks Detection Solution is Now Certified by ICSA Labs

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Petaling Jaya (12 April 2017) — Kaspersky Lab’s Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack (KATA) Platform has successfully passed independent testing by ICSA Labs, in a test rarely performed, which focuses on the efficiency of specialized solutions to protect businesses from advanced and targeted threats.


In general, setting up an environment for the fair evaluation of protection against these type of threats is more challenging than testing for the prevention of widespread attacks. In a highly complex simulation of a corporate infrastructure under constant attack, Kaspersky Lab’s solution showed impressive results, detecting 99.44 percent of attacks.

The testing took 33 days, during which time the servers emulating corporate infrastructure protected by KATA Platform were constantly attacked: 550 attacks were performed in total. Additionally, the testing scenario included sending 377 “clean samples” to a protected network – benign objects that have certain suspicious characteristics that may be qualified as malicious. According to ICSA Labs, attacks included new and little-known malicious objects, including those not detected by traditional prevention solutions at the time of testing.

As a result, KATA Platform detected 99.44 percent of simulated attacks, missing only three, and only one false positive detection of a benign object was recorded. Kaspersky Lab’s solution has met all present requirements from ICSA Labs and thus was certified by the research institution.


“ICSA Labs is a recognized leader among independent testing institutions,” said Oleg Glebov, Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attacks Solution Business Lead, Kaspersky Lab. “That is why taking part in this test and obtaining a certification is very important for us. This evaluation is especially important, because it measures the performance of a security solution over a long period of time. This approach brings the simulation closer to reality and provides our customers with the insight they need to properly evaluate our intelligent security technologies.”

ICSA Labs (International Computer Security Association) is an independent subsidiary of Verizon and has been testing and evaluating cybersecurity solutions since 1989. Detailed results of Kaspersky Lab’s Anti Targeted Attack Platform evaluation can be found here.


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