Innovix Distribution Group launches Innovix Cloud for Malaysian partners

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Kuala Lumpur (13 April 2017) — Innovix Distribution Group, which has more than 50 ICT and lifestyle brands under its portfolio, sets a new milestone today with the launch of Innovix Cloud, a cloud-based platform that will significantly benefit ICT channel partners, driving greater customer engagement, higher profits and generating long term recurring revenue.

Innovix Cloud allows partners to offer a collection of best value-added services, such as instant provisioning, user-friendly and comprehensive toolset, billing and reporting, etc within a local cloud marketplace for better efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

Over the recent years, enterprises as well as small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) have shown growing appetite in adopting cloud-related solutions and services. According to a report by IDC and sponsored by Microsoft, the cloud opportunity will be worth more than US$500 billion globally by 2020. In Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), the cloud services market is expected to grow by 23.6% over the next three years.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, a research by Forrester Research said that cloud investment is expected to grow from US$43 million in 2012 to hit US$873 million by 2020, representing a compounded annual growth rate of 39%.

The growing adoption of cloud services can be attributed to its cost saving factor, presenting an attractive platform for SMEs wanting to reduce their upfront capital expenditure investment in IT.


“There is no doubt that cloud computing is here to stay. What we wish to do here at Innovix is to provide a path to engage and profit from the Cloud. Innovix has a team of Cloudfocused specialists in each country to drive value-added sales for our partners,” says Freddy Lee, Group Managing Director of Innovix Distribution Group.

“Today, cloud represents a major shift in how IT business is transacted. This is why Innovix Cloud is designed not only to help our partners operate more efficiently, but also to transition into a higher value-add business. With Innovix Cloud, our partners will also be able to grow their long-term recurring income and profit margin,” Cloud Business Director, Yoon Kam Fei explains further.


With the Innovix Cloud platform, channel partners can offer their customers with a suite of solutions and bundle it based on the customers’ requirements. It also allows the instant provisioning of Microsoft cloud services. Not just that, partner can customize and personalize a unique mix of services from different categories for the users and launch the offerings in minutes with the drag-and drops and a few clicks. The automated billing and reporting features allow the customers to prioritize their spending wisely by offloading service productions that are no longer of value.

By making the Innovix Cloud user-friendly and worry-free, partners can save significant costs, and better focus on growing their business and building relationships with their customers. “As part of our commitment to our partners, we will be delivering an integrated support experience over all channels, end-to-end.” explains Yoon.


Lee further adds that Innovix Distribution Group is looking at various opportunities to further expand. He also urges the partners to seize the opportunity and to be on board on the Innovix Cloud platform. “We want to build long-term relationships with willing partners, both vendors and customers, by jointly investing in businesses and engaging frequently to produce a win-win relationship. We are also evaluating opportunities to expand beyond the areas where we operate and this will be the main modus operandi for us to do so.”

Present at the launch of Innovix Cloud was Zi Yan Boo, Partner Sales Lead, Microsoft Malaysia, Tarek Mando, Partner Cloud Development Manager, Microsoft Malaysia, and Kenny Lok, Regional Head of Finance of JTH Group.

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