Casio to release Indigo Finish G-SHOCK MR-G that blends Traditional Technique and Advanced Technology

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Basel (22 March 2017) — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of the MRG-G2000HT, a limited edition model of its flagship MR-G series in the G-SHOCK line. The MRG-G2000HT features a system that updates time data to keep accurate time anywhere in the world and boasts a handmade texture created using tsuiki*1 metal-hammering techniques as well as a “Japan blue” indigo finish to evoke the beauty of Japanese tradition. A limited edition of 500 watches will be sold worldwide.

*1 Tsuiki is a metalworking technique by which a sheet of metal is hammered out thinly into a three-dimensional shape. Historically it was used to make copperware and other metal containers, as well as armour and helmets, which needed to be made both thin and strong. Nowadays, the technique is applied to produce components for rail cars, aircraft, and other items.


The new MRG-G2000HT features Connected Engine 3-Way, the latest module from Casio that always keeps accurate time anywhere in the world. The module delivers three-way time sync system, receiving both radio wave and GPS satellite time calibration signals while also connecting to time servers by pairing with a smartphone. It automatically updates the watch’s internal data on time zones and daylight savings time (DST) from a smartphone, keeping it updated at all times.


In order to realise the MR-G concepts of extreme toughness and highly refined elegance, Casio collaborated with Bihou Asano, a third-generation master artisan of the tsuiki technique used to achieve a metal-hammered finish. Asano has created works for the Kyoto State Guest House and participated in restoration work of items designated as Important Cultural Properties in Japan. For the MRG-G2000HT, Asano applied to the bezel and centre row of the band a kasumi-tsuchime*2 patterned finish of overlapping hammered lines. The bezel and back case are also finished in a deep indigo “Japan blue” that is traditionally prized in Japan, rendered using a blue diamond-like carbon (DLC*3) finish.

*2 Kasumi-tsuchime is Asano’s term for the mist-like pattern that he achieved.
*3 Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings produce an uncrystallised, hard carbon coating mainly of hydrogen and carbon.


For the watch band and buttons, Casio applied a distinctive oboro-gin (silver-grey) finish traditionally used in Japan for sword accessories and ornaments. This subtle hue complements the indigo blue to give the watch a tough, solid look.

To denote its limited edition status, MRG-G2000HT watches feature a metal plate at the 10 o’clock position engraved with “2017 LIMITED” and a serial number engraved on the back case.


Tsuiki metal hammering technique

This traditional metal-hammering technique was developed for use in the formation of such items as armour and copperware by striking metal sheets with a hammer. Bihou Asano, a master in this technique, finishes the surfaces of the bezel and the centre row of the band on this elegant MR-G model by hand with a hammer, thus giving each watch an original appearance and achieving a dignified, delicately beautiful exterior.


Tsuiki Master Bihou Asano

Bihou Asano was born in 1943 into an old Kyoto family of tsuiki metal hammering masters. In addition to pursuing creative activities under the name Heian Bihou III, he engages in the repair and reproduction of National Treasure metal artworks. While continuing to work in his inherited artistic tradition, he was pleased to collaborate in developing this product due to his appreciation of the MR-G vision of product manufacturing as an ongoing challenge.



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