Casio Malaysia to launch the new EXILIM EX-TR80, the ideal tool to the perfect selfie

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Kuala Lumpur (15 March 2017) — Casio Malaysia will be launching the EX-TR80, the latest addition to the EXILIM TR family of digital cameras nationwide this month. The new camera combines beauty, functionality and practicality to enhance the pleasure of selfie-taking. An improved version from EX-TR70, the EX-TR80 is now sleeker with more improved features such as the ‘all star’ make-up mode consisting of more than 9,000 combinations, wider LCD image display and double LED lighting.

Selfie-taking has become a trend among the younger generation where camera is no longer seen as a conventional camera. With this in mind, Casio consistently upgrades its cameras to suit the demand of the gadget world by offering extraordinary experiences to distinctive individuals.


EX-TR80 Camera Features

Customizable Presets

With the ‘all star’ make-up mode, the camera offers presets of more than 9,000 combinations. The EX-TR80 has six sets of beauty settings, “skin tone, “smooth skin”, ”face brightness”, “sculpting”, “dark circles remover” and “slim face” which enhances one’s look with or without make-up giving it the finishing glow.

Equipped with the new advanced Intelligent Make-up Mode, the EX-TR80 are able to produce finer images under various ambiences. The camera can automatically adjusts its settings when exposed to different lightings; this ensures the images taken will remain consistently natural regardless of the surroundings.

Double LED Light

The double LED light functions to capture the object clearly despite being in a dimmed environment. The two LED lights on the camera minimize uneven exposure and provide a wider angle of lights to capture beautiful shots even in dark locations.

Wider Split-Screen Image Display

With a LCD display (3.5 inches) larger by 30% than the previous model, the EX-TR80 is tuned to intensify one’s selfie by enhancing the reproduction of colors. The refined interface features a simpler and user-friendly approach, making selfie-taking easy.


Comparison View

To maximize the use of the large screen, the new Comparison View features a split-screen image display to review fine adjustments and fine-tune the make-up mode settings to its best. Users can also tag their favorite images for easy access.

Camera Design

The sleek camera has a wedge-shape body, offering the handler the convenience when taking a perfect selfie. The surface surrounding the lens is finely shaped, giving it a highly refined look. The detailed design created by the ultra-fine processing technologies combining with a brilliant ring produces a sparkling beauty.

Freestyle Rotation

Every individual has their unique style at their comfort hence to accommodate different style, the EX-TR80’s rotating feature allows users to take their selfies in a wide variety of angles, ensuring that each image is a worthy piece.

Selfie Art

Users are able to add six artistic effects to the images enhanced by the make-up mode. The available effect options are as below:-

Elegant – Provides the image with natural lighting similar to being photographed next to a window Foggy – Adds a softer ambience to the image
Fairy – Brings out the feminine effects in the image
Nostalgia – Creates a retro-colored image
Vivid – Enhance the brightness of the image


Instant Movie Productions

Produce your own personalized movies by simply pressing the recording button. Direct it with your own timing and cuts to create memorable videos. Make-up effects can also be applied while recording movies.

*Effects for movies differ from the photos.

Mirror Image Inversion

The EX-TR80 automatically inverts selfies from left to right, processing the image as it appears on the screen.

High Speed Processing

With its dual-CPU and two parallel image processors, the Exilim Engine HS ver.3 enables the processing of the advanced make-up mode at a high speed.


Wireless Connection

Bluetooth® low energy enables and controls the constant connection between the camera and a smartphone via the EXILIM Connect application.

Exilim Auto Transfer

Photos or videos can be transferred automatically to the smartphone for instant upload on social media platforms.

Photo Sharing via SCENE

Using the photo-sharing app, Scene (developed and supplied by Ripplex Inc.), images taken with the camera can be automatically uploaded to a cloud-based photo album. This allows immediate sharing with loved ones who are near or far.

*Wordmark and logo of Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of this mark by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under license.



The EX-TR80 will be available in 3 colours, black, pink and white at the outlets enclosed in Appendix 1 as well as on Lazada Casio Exilim Official Store and GEM FIVE Malaysia Online Store.


Retail Price

The retail price is RM4,099 (inclusive of GST).



For further sales enquiries, kindly contact Marco Heritage at +603 4043 3111.


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