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Cyberfusion returns to Cyberjaya


Cyberjaya (9 December 2016) — The biggest LAN Party in South East Asia and still the longest non-stop gaming LAN Party in the world, Cyberfusion is back this year happening from 9th -11th December at CoInnov8, Cyberview in Cyberjaya!

Cyberfusion has grown tremendously since its inception and has become one of the events gamers look forward to every year. Cyberfusion is the place for gamers to gather annually to socialise, meet new people and connect with the gaming industry, becoming the dream getaway for all gamers, casual and enthusiast alike.

What’s more, Cyberfusion now has a satellite event in Tokyo, Japan namely Cyberfusion Japan 2016 that will be participated by Japanese gamers at the same time as Cyberfusion 2016 in Cyberjaya.

Date:                    9 – 11 December 2016
Address:                CoInnov8, Cyberview Sdn Bhd, Block 3750, Persiaran APEC, Cyber 8, 63000  Cyberjaya Selangor
Type of event:      Bring Your Own Computer/Consoles(BYOC) 3 Days 2 Night LAN Party
Goodies & Prizes:  Total of RM20,000 of prizes provided for activities and lucky draws
Total gamers 170


“Since the early days of LAN parties in the mid-90s, Cyberfusion has grown to become one of Malaysia’s go-to eSports events. These sort of get-togethers can be held among a small group of friends in one’s living room or it can be massive events which bring people together in a public area. Regardless of the scale of LAN parties, engaging with like-minded individuals can be very fulfilling. Hence, we’re very pleased to provide that face-to-face contact among gamers in CoInnov8, a collaborative space that we launched recently. What CoInnov8 represents is a convergence of ideas for growth and improvement, rooted in collaboration and interaction among one another. In many ways, this is the same principle that Cyberfusion operates on – a sense of camaraderie while being engaged in something you’re really passionate about,” said Dato’ Faris Yahaya, Managing Director of Cyberview Sdn Bhd.

“And as our own experience with collaborative spaces show, CoInnov8 represents a fusion of the old and the new in meeting the social and professional needs of a new generation of digital nomads for whom the lines between work and play are often blurred. These are the types of spaces with the potential to catalyse the kind of collaborative innovation that will hopefully see the rise of a whole new generation of digital startups and we look forward to seeing Cyberjaya playing an even bigger role in supporting the nation’s play in building a strong and sustainable digital economy,” he added.

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