Goodyear launches the Wrangler TripleMax Tire for Mid-Size SUV Range in Malaysia

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Subang Jaya (20 October 2016) Goodyear today launched its latest high performance tire, the Goodyear Wrangler TripleMax, in Malaysia. Designed for mid-size SUVs, the Wrangler TripleMax delivers Superior Braking Performance, Shorter Wet Braking and Road Hazard Resistant features, offering a safer and more fun driving experience with the family.

The middle SUV segment is clearly a growing market, and is expected to increase with a compound annual growth rate of more than 12% from 2012 to 2020. This is evident as sales of SUVs in Malaysia grew 21.3% per cent YTD in June 2016. In order to meet the growing demand, Goodyear will continue to be committed to innovate and offer high performance products to our consumers.


With consumer-driven needs at the center of its tire innovations, the new Wrangler TripleMax provides peace-of-mind when driving, keeping families safer across road conditions. Goodyear developed the Wrangler TripleMax with an improved version of its proprietary HYDROGRIP Technology®, along with its innovative tread design, optimized carcass and high grip compound, delivers shorter wet braking performance.

“Goodyear is known for creating a culture of safety innovations that stay ahead of the competition. The unpredictable weather and road conditions in Malaysia calls for a tire that delivers on all fronts and the new Wrangler TripleMax delivers Goodyear’s continued brand promise for safer and more enjoyable rides for drivers and their families,” said Ben Hoge, Managing Director, Goodyear Malaysia.


“As road trips become a more prominent activity among Malaysian families, it is important to note that the tire which connects their vehicle to the road can provide peace of mind and safety as the family creates memories together. The Wrangler TripleMax was developed with this in mind, offering Malaysians – who share a love for driving – a chance to go further and create more meaningful road trip stories together”, Hoge added.

Its proprietary HYDROGRIP Technology® features a host of features that deliver superior braking performance1. The tread and cavity design of the new Wrangler TripleMax with its larger surface area contact patch, ensures an enhanced braking ability through biting edges and large block elements.

HYDROGRIP Technology® Reduces Braking Distances on Wet Roads

Goodyear’s HYDROGRIP Technology® provides an innovative new tread compound, maximizing control via a larger surface area contact patch, and translating to more rubber contact on the road. It improves braking ability by way of biting edges with large block elements. The tires are also equipped with a wide face and optimized cavity with 5 Rib Tread matching which concentrates pressure distribution on key block elements during braking. This also provides the tires a higher ESBR with optimized polymer blend, giving the tires better grip and a shorter braking distance on wet roads. All of these combined together offers a more comfortable ride.


The proprietary HYDROGRIP Technology® is a combination of three elements:

  1. Superior Braking Performance1: The HydroGrip Technology used for the Wrangler TripleMax, is made with large blocks and a high number of biting edges to increase contact to road asperity. This delivers better braking and grip on wet and dry roads.
  1. Wet Performance: The HydroGrip Technology used for the Wrangler TripleMax, is made with enhanced ESBR compound for multipurpose performances to improve braking and grip on both wet and dry roads.
  1. Road Hazard Resistant: The Wrangler TripleMax designed with rim flange protector, provides more material on the sidewall to protect the rim and tire against road hazards.

Availability and Sizes

Goodyear Wrangler TripleMax is the tire to turn to for a safer and fun driving experience. For the Malaysian market, Goodyear Malaysia is offering 16″, 17″ and 18″ rim diameter variants, with the subsequent sizes being added to the range in due time.


The Goodyear Wrangler TripleMax tire retails from RM443.72 to RM675.22 inclusive of GST, depending on different sizes. Consumers can now purchase the Wrangler TripleMax tires at Goodyear Autocare and Servitekar outlets, as well as authorized Goodyear dealers nationwide.

To learn more about Goodyear Wrangler TripleMax, as well as other Goodyear tires, please visit Goodyear Malaysia’s Official Website –, or find us at Goodyear Malaysia’s Facebook page –



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