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Bukit Tinggi (9 August 2016) — Ducati Scrambler is not just a new motorcycle but rather a new brand, a new approach to the motorcycling world that offers not only performance and technology but also freedom of expression, fun and sharing of positive emotion.

Ducati Scrambler is a new brand, offering a whole new world made up of bikes, accessories and apparel that provide the last word in self-expression. Anti-conformist, accessible and essential, the Ducati Scrambler is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity, a step towards the pure essence of motorcycling: two wheels, wide handlebars, a straightforward engine and endless fun.

The Scrambler world – the latest addition to the Ducati universe – is one of authentic creativity and free expression; the lead-up to its official arrival has generated an unprecedented buzz, as has a captivating launch campaign of outstanding originality.

This is more than just a new bike: it’s a whole new world, one that expresses itself via a range of versions that provide a starting point for satisfying the different needs and wants of individual motorcyclists. “Post-heritage” design gives a
contemporary take on the iconic bike built by Ducati back in the 70s. This Ducati Scrambler, though, is not a retro bike: it is, rather, intended to be just how the legendary motorcycle would be today if Ducati had never stopped building it.


Today, the Ducati Scrambler family has grown. The Icon, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic versions will now have the new Sixty2 which opens the way for a new two-wheel segment that meets the requirements of those
seeking a smallerengined bike that is easy to handle and has low running costs but not wanting to miss out
on the unique Scrambler spirit.

Moreover, thanks to a vast range of apparel and bike accessories, called “ingredients”, the Ducati Scrambler offers a virtually unlimited range of exclusive personalisation and lifestyle options.



Casual, outdoor, authentic, the Ducati Scrambler apparel collection promotes free expression, in line with the modern philosophy, offering an up-to-date interpretation of the stylistic heritage of the past. Its “post-heritage” style is based on choosing the very best from the past to make it into absolutely innovative, contemporary designs.

Apparel intended not just as “riding gear”, but as a true lifestyle option, able to cross and mix the boundaries between technical gear and fashion items.


The result is a vast, cross-generational collection of essential, authentic items with a contemporary feel, suitable for customers from all age groups. Inspired by the concept of free expression, the three different lines (Urban, Outdoor and Lifestyle) will enable everyone to create their own, exclusive style.

The Urban line includes a Quattrotasche (four pockets) jacket by Dainese ensuring safety, functionality and an excellent fit thanks to the Pro Shape protectors, without ever compromising on the heritage feel inspiring the whole Ducati Scrambler project. he Outdoor line makes the most of the practical, functional character of outdoor garments
by adapting them to city life. This process is typified by the Outdoor jacket, with its removable camouflage lining and type-approved soft protectors. Its back-protector rear pocket ensures that the highest safety is available at all times. Lifestyle line is the Ducati Scrambler collection to wear on any occasion. From T-shirts to fleeces, through to trucker caps, belts and a water bottle. Lifestyle items to show off your Ducati Scrambler style anywhere.



Named after the English word “to scramble” (mixing up, blending), the Ducati Scrambler is a form of expression of the rider’s identity and lifestyle. The four motorcycle versions (Icon, Full Throttle, Classic and Urban Enduro) are just a starting point to create an absolutely unique, personalised model. Thanks to a wide range of ingredients, each Ducati Scrambler can be customised to suit any owner tastes.

A vast array of Ducati Performance ‘ingredients’ can be used to personalise the Ducati Scrambler. For example, chrome, matt black, or even carbon fibre tank side panels are available. Then there are a variety of solutions regarding the front mudguard, high plate holder, tank bag, canvas and leather panniers, high and low Termignoni slip-on exhaust, headlamp rim and grille, instrument panel rim, vintage grips, rear-view mirrors plus spoked wheels, four different seat versions and the low-slung tapered handlebars.


Overview of Ducati Scrambler models and features

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2


  1. “Atomic Tangerine” with black frame and black seat
  2. “Ocean Grey” with black frame and black seat
  3. “Shining Black” with black frame and black seat


  • Steel teardrop fuel tank with dedicated design
  • Dedicated adhesive logo
  • Traditional stanchion fork
  • Newly designed front mudguard
  • Classically designed steel swingarm
  • Exhaust with all-new pipe layout and black silencer cover
  • Rear wheel with 160/60 x 17’’ tyre
  • Round rear view mirrors
  • High plate holder
  • 2-channel ABS as standard


Scrambler Icon


  1. “62 Yellow” with black frame and black seat
  2. “Ducati Red” with black frame and black seat


  • Steel teardrop-shaped tank with interchangeable aluminium side panels
  • Low seat (790 mm) for perfect stationary manoeuvrability
  • Low weight (170 kg dry) and low centre of gravity
  • Wide handlebars for a relaxed riding position
  • Headlight with glass parabola and ultra-modern LED light guide
  • Rear light with suffused-light LED technology
  • LCD instruments
  • L-twin air-cooled 803 cm3 engine
  • Machine-finished aluminium belt covers
  • Twin spar steel Trellis frame
  • Die-cast aluminium rear swingarm
  • 10-spoke alloy wheels, 18’’ front, 17’’ rear
  • Enduro-derived Pirelli tyres optimised for the Ducati Scrambler
  • Dual-channel ABS as standard
  • Spacious under-seat storage compartment with USB socket


Scrambler Urban Enduro


  1. “Wild Green” with black frame and brown seat


  • Spoked aluminium wheels
  • Engine sump guard
  • High front mudguard in plastic fibre
  • Headlight grill
  • Handlebar cross-strut
  • Plastic fibre fork protectors
  • Dedicated seat with horizontally ribbed stitching pattern and modern fabrics
  • Dedicated logo


Scrambler Full Throttle


  1. “Deep Black” with black frame and black seat


  • Low-slung type-approved Termignoni slip-on
  • Low, tapered-diameter handlebars
  • Flat-track style seat with yellow inserts
  • Indicator lights support
  • Sports style front mudguard
  • Black fuel tank side covers
  • Dedicated logo


Scrambler Classic


  1. “Orange sunshine” with black frame and brown seat


  • Spoked aluminium wheels
  • Front and rear metal mudguards
  • Dedicated seat with lozenge-type stitching pattern




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