New Stylus TG-Tracker action camera combines 4K video recording and positional data logging with Olympus’ proven Tough technology

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Asia-Pacific (24 May 2016) — Olympus today announced the new Stylus TG-Tracker data-logging 4K action camera. Aimed at adventurers and sport enthusiasts, the TG- Tracker is a ‘new-generation’ action camera designed for outdoor life-logging. The TG-Tracker’s Field Sensor System uses five enviro-position sensors for data-augmented video recordings that simultaneously show you where you were in map or altitude/depth position at playback*. Its extreme wide-angle lens captures a 204-degree view for exhilarating POV movies. Incorporating Olympus’ proven Tough technology, the TG-Tracker is water-proof, crush-proof, freeze-proof and shock-proof. It has a class-leading ninety-minute battery life when recording at 4K resolution and uses a removal battery that is easily exchanged in the field.


The new TG Tracker is the latest member of the popular Olympus Tough family of ruggedised compact cameras. It introduces a new way of helping you to re-live the adventure experience by combining video with positional and environmental data logs. The Field Sensor System simultaneously records GPS, compass, barometer (altitude/depth), accelerometer and thermometer data to provide an enhanced movie-plus-data playback* experience in Full HD resolution on your smartphone or tablet. The TG-Tracker can also be used a pure data recorder in its log-only mode.

With an extreme-wide angle lens that has an impressive 204-degree diagonal viewing, the TG-Tracker helps you capture high-definition movies that are vividly immersive. The immense peripheral coverage of this lens enhances the realism of your POV recordings, showing you details that other action cameras may miss.


Used airborne, on land or in the ocean, the TG-Tracker is a camera truly designed for the rugged outdoors. It is shockproof – withstands drops of up to 2.1m, crush-proof to 100 kgf, freeze-proof – to -10 degrees Celsius, and water-proof to a depth of 30m without the need for an accessory housing.

The new TG-Tracker is equipped with an UW Detector that activates automatic optimisation of white balance and camera settings when the camera is used at a water-depth of 0.5m or deeper. For extended outdoor operation, it uses a replaceable slim Li-ion battery that can be easily exchanged in the field. With an outstanding battery life for 4K movie recording of up to 90 minutes, the TG-Tracker can also be directly powered from its USB port via the supplied charger when a constant power supply is available.

The Olympus Stylus TG-Tracker: The new-generation action camera for adventure and sport life-logging. Not just video.



CSCH-125 Tracking Holder

A dedicated holder-case that can be attached to a backpack or belt. Enables data logs to be recorded on the go with the camera inside. The TG-Tracker can be stored in the case on its own or with the Steady Grip attached. It is equipped with a carabiner and spiral safety cord so users never have to worry about losing the camera.



  1. Field Sensor System*1 for capturing all states and movements of outdoor sports

For outdoor data-logging the new Olympus Stylus TG-Tracker is equipped with a Field Sensor System*1 that includes GPS*2, barometer, temperature sensor, compass and acceleration sensors, which all contribute to recording tracking log information. Users can select from three different options: compass display, level display, or log display (altitude/depth), to be shown on the camera’s LCD monitor the information captured via these sensors.

  • i) GPS*2

In addition to GPS*2, GLONASS and QZSS are used to calculate the latitude and longitude from satellite signals for high-precision location. Additionally, Assist GPS*2 can be used to significantly reduce acquisition time by pre-downloading satellite information via the Internet using the computer app Olympus A-GPS Utility or the OI.Track app available for iOS and Android.

  • ii) Barometer

Altitude and water depth are calculated based on air pressure and water pressure information. This model is also equipped with an Underwater Detector*8. When the camera goes beyond a depth of 0.5 m, it automatically uses optimised WB and image settings for shooting underwater so you can focus on shooting without worrying about complicated adjustments. The log display automatically switches from altitude to water depth information.

  • iii) Temperature sensor

This sensor records air temperature*9 and water temperature. The sensor is built to capture high precision logs by minimising the influence of the camera body heat.

  • iv) Compass

This sensor detects the direction that the camera’s lens is pointing. It provides an easy way to check orientation and direction when shooting outdoors.

  • v) Acceleration sensor

The acceleration sensor, which captures camera movement on the fields, measures acceleration (G) in three axes to detect the user’s movements. When a pre-set acceleration level is detected, the Chapter functions*10 automatically creates a chapter on a movie while recording. This feature supports editing and playback of exciting scenes such as jumping and landing in intense sports such as snowboarding and motocross. You can select the setting for chapter creation from two levels of acceleration, or it can be switched off.


  1. Advanced five main Tough capabilities: waterproof up to 30m*3, dustproof*4, shockproof up to 2.1m*5, freezeproof up to -10°C*6, and crushproof up to 100 kgf*7

The TG-Tracker is fully waterproof*3 up to a depth of 30 m. Its waterproof sealing enables excellent dustproof*4 performance for shooting when shooting in desert or sandy enviroments. The dual-layer chassis structure makes for superb shockproof*5 performance, allowing the camera to survive drops from heights of up to 2.1m. Operation is guaranteed to -10°C*6 so you never have to worry about shooting in the mountains and cold-weather locations where other digital devices fear to tread. This model also has a rigid construction that can withstand loads up to 100 kgf*7.


  1. High-quality images captured with the 204° diagonal angle of view ultra wide-angle lens
  • i) Ultra wide-angle lens with 204° diagonal angle of view

This 204° diagonal angle of view, compact, ultra wide-angle lens was developed using optical technology accumulated over many years. The angle of view is far wider than which can be captured by the human eye, letting you capture never-before-seen scenery in excellent image quality. This design is sure to be useful in making new, unthought-of discoveries and recording wide-angled views of sports scenes.

  • ii) TruePic VII for 4K image processor and back-lit CMOS sensor*11

This camera is equipped with the TruePic VII for 4K, based on the TruePic VII image processor used on the Olympus PEN and OM-D Compact System Cameras with added 4K movie compatibility. It quickly processes data from the high-sensitivity, low-noise back-lit CMOS sensor to produce high-quality images.


  1. Versatile shooting style and superb controls

Its compact body size provides stress-free shooting, including low angle and high angles. The SG-T01*12 Steady Grip is also bundled to assist with stable framing during hand-held shooting. The MC-T01*13 Mount Coupling comes with a small mirror on the front to assist in capturing wide-angle group selfies. A high-intensity headlight*14 is built in to the camera body for shooting support in low light conditions. When the camera is powered off, you use the LED as a standalone flash/torch light.


  1. Connectivity with the OI.Track smartphone app (iOS & Android)

The Stylus TG-Tracker is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi*15, and when combined with a smartphone using the exclusive Olympus Image Track smartphone app, movies recorded on the camera along with their tracking info can easily be imported to the smartphone. You can also simultaneously display the log data while viewing images for enjoying a live sensation of the shooting environment during playback. Log display can be switched between geographical information and altitude/depth information to best match the scene. Log data recorded on your smartphone can be viewed any time using Olympus Image Track so you can check details to calculate speed and distance traveled.


Other Features

  • Time Lapse Movie – 1080P, 720P, or VGA resolutions can be selected.
  • Loop Recording – function for easier movie data handling
  • Bundled with Underwater Protector, UP-T01 for underwater shooting*8
  • Powerful digital 5-axis image stabilisation
  • 4K movie playback via HDMI connection
  • Remote shooting and image transfer with the OI.Share smartphone app
  • Loop mode video recording – continuous and consecutive video-recordings of 29 minute durations
  • tough1


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