ECS to permeate Malaysian homes with Virtual Reality entertainment devices

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Kuala Lumpur (30 May 2016) — Malaysia’s leading ICT distributor ECS ICT Berhad is expanding its distribution portfolio as the Group plans to permeate Malaysian homes with virtual reality (VR) entertainment devices after securing the distributorship of the ‘Orion’ VR goggles to the Malaysian market.

The ‘Orion’ VR goggles utilises a smartphone as its screen to immerse users into a digital simulation of an environment, allowing users to experience it as if present in that space.

ECS’ Chief Executive Officer Soong Jan Hsung commented that the proliferation of VR applications available in the market, which are adapted for personal computers, and especially smartphones, indicated the formidable potential of this technology.

Orion V1 VR Goggles

Orion V1 VR Goggles

ECS ICT Berhad’s Chief Executive Officer Soong Jan Hsung said:

“Entertainment has taken the next leap and is no longer passive, because this generation of digital-savvy users crave the full experiential effect. ECS is leading this revolution in the Malaysian market, starting with homes.

From our perspective, bringing in the ‘Orion’ VR goggles is also complementary to our smartphone distribution segment, seeing that smartphones are an integral part of these goggles.

I believe we are only scratching the surface of this nascent VR space, and that this is a crucial step into the truly digital era.”

Currently VR goggles are widely used for entertainment and educational purposes. Users can experience being inside a movie or a music video, being at a live concert or even travel. Additionally there are hundreds of mobile applications that support VR goggles ranging from news, sports, science and training, as well as gaming, which immerses the user into a digital environment via the VR goggles.

Soong added that the potential of VR would likely evolve to encompass commercial uses as well in the future.

Globally, industries such as real estate, fashion and automotive, have utilised VR as a marketing tool. For example, real estate agents can show potential buyers the layout of the house virtually, allowing them to walk through the various rooms. Similarly, car salesmen can provide potential customers with a virtual experience of driving their desired vehicle prior to making their purchase decision.

“We are the first-in-market to enter the VR space, and are optimistic of our ability to replicate our past successes with new technologies. We are hopeful of introducing new brands within the VR technologies category in the future,” he concluded.

Orion S1 VR Goggles

Orion S1 VR Goggles

The Orion VR goggles is now available at SenQ, Thunder Match, Harvey Norman, All IT Hypermarket, Kinsei Information Systems, IT One Superstore, IT world, [i] Store by C-zone, Brightstar Computer, and Connect stores nationwide.

It comes in two varieties; the ‘Orion S1’ goggles which is equipped with a built in ear phone priced at RM288, and the ‘Orion V1’ goggles which is a standalone priced at RM188. Both goggles are able to fit 4.6- to 6.2-inch iOS and Android powered smartphones.

In April 2016, the International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasted that 9.6 million units of VR hardware will be shipped globally this year, versus 0.4 million units in 2015. Additionally, IDC also predicts that by 2020 the number of global VR hardware shipments will increase to 64.8 million units, growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 183.8%.

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