Philips drives adoption of LED Lighting Solutions

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Petaling Jaya (8 June 2015)Philips, the global leader in lighting solutions, is bringing its full suite of mainstream LED lighting solutions to Malaysia for the first time, introduced through the holistic Let’s Go Green campaign launched today. The campaign continues Philips Malaysia’s drive towards greater adoption of LED lighting solutions for domestic as well as commercial purposes in the country. The comprehensive suite of affordable LED lighting solutions is targeted at homeowners, owners and occupants of commercial properties including retail as well as industrial sectors, and also professionals such as interior designers who prefer innovative LED lighting solutions to create their masterpieces.

Through a single combined platform, Philips Malaysia is offering end consumers, design professionals and retailers a common meeting point that allows them to explore how Philips’ innovative and affordable LED lighting solutions can improve their lives and work. The ‘Let’s Go Green’ campaign highlights the versatility and benefits of the new Philips’ range of retrofit LED lamps, replacement tubes, as well as integrated LED downlights, ceiling lights, battens and more.


Alok Ghose, Commercial Leader for Lighting, Philips Malaysia said, “In the past, many consumers and even businesses would hesitate to consider options of LED lighting solutions due to higher entry barriers. This is no longer the case. Today, LED lighting solutions have become rather affordable, as advancements in lighting technology have enabled breakthrough value-for-money LED lighting solutions. New LED solutions like our Mini Bulb are now available at prices similar to conventional Compact Fluorescent lamps! Across categories – from domestic to retail to corporate and governmental, there is a great deal of interest in the benefits of using LED lighting solutions. Thus, this is an ideal time for us to catalyse greater adoption of LED lighting across the market. We often spend small sums on day-to-day things in our effort to be thrifty – however, investing prudently in bigger things once in a while can make a world of difference in savings. Switching to the new affordable and eco-friendly Philips LED lights is an easy decision. Consumers can enjoy comfortable lighting that offers up to 85% energy savings* over a very long period, as Philips LED lights are very durable.”

Ghose shared that market studies predict that almost 70% of the global general lighting demand will comprise of LED lighting solutions by 2020. “With LED products already accounting for 34% of Philips’ lighting sales globally, the trend is a catalyst for our efforts to grow the LED lighting market in Malaysia. Philips’ mission is to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation, and we focus on creating products that offer ease of mind and total solutions for all consumers. We are excited to share the Philips design quality and value that makes our product portfolio special. Philips ceaselessly strives to make technology meaningful, focusing on people’s needs and how the needs can be addressed to make their lives healthier and happier.”


“LED lighting solutions help radically improve energy efficiency – which allows users to save on operational costs as well as save the environment, a two-pronged benefit that resonates amongst all end users. Consumers in Malaysia can live greener and spend less over their lifespan, while professionals will appreciate the versatility of our LED lighting solutions that allow them to create impactful and industry-transforming applications. This suite of LED lighting solutions we are introducing contributes to Philips’ vision of improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025,” Ghose added.

Internationally, there has been a revolution in lighting technology during the past decade. With lighting consuming 19% of all electricity in the world, adoption of energy efficient LED lighting can achieve an average 40% savings on the world’s lighting energy consumption. This is equivalent to cutting down 670 million tons of carbon dioxide emission, negating emissions equivalent to 260 million cars per year or saving the annual output of 642 medium-sized power stations at 2TWh per year. Meanwhile, in the Asia Pacific region, a 40% reduction in lighting energy consumption would cut down the equivalent of 236 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, or emissions from 95 million cars per year or saving the annual output of more than 181 power plants at 2TWh per year.

Philips LED lights are quality assured with over 70 reliability tests conducted under stringent conditions to meet international standards. Now not only are they more economical, in the long run they are also very eco-friendly. Philips LED bulbs offer up to 85% energy savings over Philips incandescent lamps, with a life expectancy of up to 15 years under standard usage @ a typical 2.7 hours usage per day. LED lamps do not have filaments or any moveable parts, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. Philips LED bulbs are also mercury-free – preventing the risks of harmful exposure if a light bulb breaks. Furthermore LED solutions offer greater quality of light without any visible flicker, or the worries of harmful UV/IR emissions. It is also easier on the eyes – with minimal glare as well as producing full and even brightness instantly. The LED lights also emit little forward-facing heat thereby preventing damage to art and furniture, while reducing air conditioning costs.


The Let’s Go Green campaign will be a holistic programme to not only raise awareness in Malaysia but also facilitate easy conversion to the benefits of innovative LED lighting.

Consumers can purchase the full range of Philips LED solutions at any of Philips authorised retailers located nationwide, at the Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallery in Kuala Lumpur and online via Visit to find out more.

Philips drives adoption of LED Lighting Solutions


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