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Bosch launches new CCS100D and DICENTIS conference systems



As a super villain or megacorporate mogul bent on world domination you need to project an aura of panache and respect. That needs a big board room or a hall of suitably princely proportions. Alas, it’s a bit awkward to maintain that aura if you’re shouting across the hall at your underlings just to make yourself heard and vice versa. That’s where Bosch’s new CCS100D Digital Discussion Systems and DICENTIS Discussion Systems come into play.

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From left: Janesta Woon, General Manager, Sales Security Systems from Bosch, Daniel Quek, Senior Manager, Regional Marketing Conference and Public Address from Bosch, Simon Song, Managing Director for Bosch Malaysia, Dzarifah Hasan, Assistant Manager – Sales from Hayamim Ava
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The CCS 1000 D system

Boiled down, the CCS 1000 D is a plug-and-play conference system that is easy to transport and install and is ideal for anything from small boardrooms to mammoth convention centres. The CCS 1000 D is highly scalable and you’re able to interface it with public address systems as well as teleconferencing and video conferencing systems so you can hook up two remote locations to each other. Handy if you’re handling a meeting from a remote island lair.

The DICENTIS wireless conference system

The CCS 1000 D system consists of a series speaker/mike systems, one for each delegate, each of which has an LED indicator that lets speakers know when they can speak, or not, along with a central control unit that lets the Chairperson handle the whole affair, save an audio record of a meeting on a flash drive ( a 128GB flash drive can save up to a whopping 4000 hours of nattering) and offers native support for up to half a dozen Bosch HD cameras in case you want to record the meeting for posterity. The CCS 1000 D system is also immune to smartphone interference and also has DAFS feedback suppression tech built-in so you don’t get that infuriating feedback or howling effect if you kick up the volume. The best part is that it’s surprisingly easy to setup and can be controlled via a web browser on your tablet.

The DICENTIS wireless conference system operates on similar principles – it can be managed via a web browser on your slate, is immune to smartphone interference, is absurdly easy to setup and is, as you’d surmise, wireless. The main hub of the DICENTIS system is a wireless access point that resembles a steel gray dinner plate of sorts that acts as a central nexus for all the speaker/mike devices without the need for additional equipment like a router to get the party started. Each of the speaker/mike setups sport an exceptionally slick look and comes in two different flavours. One variant has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and an NFC reader and another comes without either option. The NFC reader allows delegates to identify themselves by simply swiping their meeting or conference smart card rather than having to repeat themselves every time they take the stand. Each of the speaker/mike systems can run up to 30 hours on a single charge before needing a juicing. The DICENTIS system can also be scaled up with external Bosch issued HD cameras and is OMNEO-ready to make it future proof. Both systems will be available in June. To find out more, swing by www.boschsecurity.com