U Mobile wows Malaysian with market-best plans for iPhone6

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Kuala Lumpur (17 March 2015) – U Mobile, Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative telco brings another glad tiding to consumers who desire to own the amazing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with the best iPlans in town, and the wait is finally over! Customers now can own the uber iOS sensation starting from RM98 – a price they would have never dreamed of. Moreover, U Mobile again breaks the industry status quo and demonstrates its product leadership by offering 2 first-to-market unique product features that will wow the consumers. For the first time in Malaysia, prepaid users have the options to own the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at subsidised rates in a bundle plan, which are commonly only available for the postpaid segment in Malaysia. Postpaid users, on the other hand, will be able to enjoy contract freedom and they are allowed to change their mind during the contract period at any time without penalty imposed.

(R2) Wong Heang Tuck, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile and (L2) Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile introducing U Mobile’s new iPhone 6 and iPlan offerings. U Mobile is the first telco in the market to offer the iOS sensation at subsidized rates for prepaid customers, and contract freedom for postpaid customers that won’t tie them down.

(R2) Wong Heang Tuck, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile and (L2) Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile introducing U Mobile’s new iPhone 6 and iPlan offerings.


The Most Affordable iPhone 6 finally comes to town!

As much as many people want to own the amazing iPhone 6, it is still considered a premium device at a price that is far-fetched for mass market. Though offered at a subsidised rate, most of the existing iPhone 6 plans start the device rate from RM2000, meaning that customers have to pay RM2000 as an upfront payment for the device during registration.

Understanding the market sentiments, as well as the sustaining demand for the iPhone 6, U Mobile launched its very own device financing programme, U MicroCredit.  In partnership with Berjaya Credit this allows its subscribers to take home the iPhone 6 starting from RM98, making the premium device affordable for everyone in Malaysia.

The U MicroCredit is akin to a micro loan, but it does not require a credit card, collateral or upfront payment upon registration. All customers need to do is either apply online or walk in to any of the U Mobile stores, sign up for the device financing programme, pick an iPlan to accompany the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and choose a monthly repayment scheme! Successful U MicroCredit applicants can walk away with their dream device starting from RM98 and the flexible repayment programme allows customers to finance the device over a spread of up to 33 months. The best part is its availability for both postpaid and prepaid U Mobile subscribers. In addition, the easy application process and a fast 2-hour approval makes it hassle free for Malaysians to own a smartphone.

To learn more about U MicroCredit, please refer to the attached U Mobile iPhone 6 offerings briefing deck.

Prepaid customers now can own the iPhone 6 in a bundle plan with the best subsidised device rate in town

It has always been the industry standard that postpaid customers are more valuable than prepaid and therefore they are offered with better deals in terms of pricing and benefits. U Mobile broke the mould when the company launched its brand new Prepaid and Postpaid plans in January 2015, offering the same best rates and benefits to both prepaid and postpaid segments.

This time, U Mobile again offers prepaid customers the same iPlans to own the amazing iPhone 6 starting from RM98. Prepaid customers with U Mobile can enjoy the same subsidised phone price and U MicroCredit benefits just like the postpaid customers. With the lowest cost of entry starting from i40, U Mobile iPlans enable customers to save up to 40% comparing to those prepaid users purchasing iPhone 6 at retail market price and signing up an existing data plan available in the market.

To learn more about the voice and Internet package details for Prepaid iPlan (i40, i60, i90, i130), please refer to the attached FACT SHEET.

Contract freedom for Postpaid customers that doesn’t tie you down

New flagship phones are introduced to the market almost every quarter and it has been an industry norm to bundle flagship devices with postpaid plans under a contract period of 1 or 2 years with a high penalty fee for early termination. In addition, new customers are required for upfront payment and no upfront payment benefits are only available for existing long tenure customers.

However it is not the case for U Mobile Postpaid users. Customers who purchase their iPhone using credit card with auto-debit for monthly fees, will enjoy the no upfront payment benefit for the new handset as well as contract freedom that allows them to change their mind within the contract period without incurring any penalty. Should they opt for early termination, they would only need to pay the pro-rated subsidised phone price.

The U Mobile Postpaid iPlan also comes with Internet, calls and SMS sharing features that enable customers passing these allowances to multiple devices using multiple SIMs. Customers can now share their mobile plan allocations with their family or friends and enjoy their favourite content without having to subscribe to multiple plans.

To learn more about the voice and Internet package details for Postpaid iPlan (i40, i60, i90, i130), please refer to the attached FACT SHEET.

The lowest rate for the amazing iPhone 6 with U MicroCredit – the first ever device financing programme offered by a telco

The lowest rate for the amazing iPhone 6 with U MicroCredit – the first ever device financing programme offered by a telco


Truly Unlimited High-Speed Internet during Promotion Period

Beginning from 19 March, customers who sign up before 30 June 2015 with i60 and i90 plans will enjoy unlimited Internet until 31 July 2015. While customers who sign up for i130 are entitled for the promotion until 30 September 2015. Customers should sign up for the U Mobile iPlans as early as possible to enjoy a longer period for this special offer! Upon expiry of the unlimited Internet promotion, iPlan customers will still enjoy non-stop Internet experience on U Mobile’s high speed 3G and 4G LTE connectivity, with the fair usage policy applied.

Being a data-centric telco, U Mobile is relentless in bringing greater innovation focusing on mobile Internet offers for
customers to enjoy its high-speed mobile Internet services. It drives the telco to be the innovative market-leader to meet today’s ever-changing consumer mobile lifestyle.

Commenting on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offerings, Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile said, “We planned for a game-changing approach to our product design specially for iPhone. Our brand new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus iPlans again demonstrate U Mobile’s product leadership. We offer bundled plans with the best subsidised device rate for Prepaid customers who are very often not offered the opportunity to enjoy a low device rate compared to postpaid customers. Our contract freedom benefit challenges the industry practice of locking postpaid customers down with high penalty fee for terminating their contract early. We are confident enough to allow our postpaid customers to change their mind as we believe they will stick with us because of the great value we offer and the best network speed and quality we have demonstrated which is being recognized by the industry.”

“U Mobile is continuously striving to be the leader in terms of product innovation, addressing youths and young executives’ demands and ever-changing lifestyles. This is evident in our U MicroCredit device financing programme that enables our customers to take home the amazing iPhone 6 starting from only RM98 and spread the payment over a period up to 33 months. Our goal is make this dream handset affordable for everyone,” she added.

U Mobile’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offerings will be available in all U Mobile stores beginning 19 March 2015. To learn more about U Mobile’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus iPlans, please visit www.u.com.my/iphone.


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