Lenovo VIBE X2 Sets the Bar for Style with First Layered Smartphone Design

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Kuala Lumpur (December 9, 2014) — Lenovo today unveiled the trend-setting VIBE X2, a bold new design statement in its VIBE line of premium smartphones. As the world’s first layered smartphone, the powerful VIBE X2 turns heads with its signature design, which captures the essence of today’s multi-faceted lifestyle while empowering consumers with the freedom to express their individual styles.

In addition to the original layered design, which represents a giant quantum leap in terms of smartphone aesthetics, the thin and light VIBE X2 also uses MediaTek’s latest 4G LTE mobile processor, promising consumers True Octa-core™ processing power; as well as innovative VIBE Xtension™ click-on cases, including a speaker with hi-fi quality JBL™ sound.

“Uniquely crafted with three layers of distinctive colors, the VIBE X2 is the ideal smartphone for design trendsetters and style followers. Combined with the all-new VIBE Xtensions™ which gives the VIBE X2 its fourth layer, these innovations will drive Lenovo’s leadership in the PC Plus era,” said Khoo Hung Chuan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia. “Our partnership with MediaTek delivers powerful performance in the stylish VIBE X2 and this will appeal to our discerning customers who value best-in-class features in their smartphones.”


World’s first multi-layered smartphone
To create an alluringly slim and personalized device, Lenovo has introduced a new layered design accented with bold colors. Meticulously designed, countless samples of each hue were printed and matched to ensure a visually harmonious wall of shades.

Utilizing high-tech robotic arms and clean rooms, three coats of paint are applied for each tone, totaling nine coatings per phone. To achieve a smooth finish, expert hand craftsmanship is employed as a final touch to further refine the layers.


Cutting-edge performance and power efficiency
Lenovo is the first global handset manufacturer to ship a smartphone with the latest MediaTek MT6595 True Octa-core™ processor with 4G LTE. Based on a Heterogeneous Multi-Processing platform in big.LITTLE configuration, MediaTek applied its CorePilot technology to the VIBE X2 to unlock the full power of all eight cores. This allows the MT6595 to deliver superior multi-tasking performance and excellent, sustained performance-per-watt, allowing users to enjoy great multimedia features, fast 4G data transmission rates and long battery life on the VIBE X2.

Innovative VIBE Xtension click-on cases
Adding a fourth layer to the VIBE X2’s multi-layered concept is the VIBE Xtension™ click on cases. Lenovo is introducing two VIBE Xtensions™, VIBE X2 Battery and VIBE X2 Speaker which work seamlessly with the VIBE X2 to enhance and personalize consumers’ mobile experience.

At just 5.1mm thin, the VIBE X2 Battery surprises consumers with the ability to extend its life by up to 75 percent. An auxiliary micro-USB port simultaneously charges the case and device.

The unique VIBE X2 Speaker is the first click-on speaker in the market which allows music and movie lovers to immerse themselves with JBL tuned hi-fi sound. Other highlights include a convenient hands-free stand, wireless Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in battery for 5 hours of uninterrupted audio playback.


Upping the ante
Compared to its predecessor, the 32GB VIBE X2 has twice the storage capacity. Another major upgrade is 4G/LTE and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, guaranteeing the fastest access speed for any content online or offline. For the APAC markets, the phone is further equipped with a dual SIM function for consumers to enjoy using two phone numbers in one device, making it an ideal mobile device for both work and play.

Pricing and Availability
Lenovo VIBE X2 is priced at RM1,199.

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