F-Secure unveils new Protection for Business suite

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[Christian Fredrikson, CEO of F-Secure Corporation at the launch]

While businesses today are growing more dependent on technology, a great many still lack a comprehensive and up to date security solution that addresses all the various devices, different operating systems and covers all layers in an organisation.

F-Secure, an online security provider announced last month on 20th October their new Protection for Business (PSB) suite that aims to offer small and medium business outfits a total, cost efficient package that encompasses comprehensive, fuss-free protection in real-time from multiple online threats from virii to spyware for multiple devices from PCs to servers and even phones and other mobile kit too.

“The new PSB solution by F-Secure allows businesses, especially SMEs, to focus more on their business and leave security to the experts. By choosing security as a service, businesses no longer have to worry about IT security, security settings or software updates. PSB will protect all devices against the latest security threats, and F-Secure will maintain the whole solution together with the local IT security partner to monitor and manage the customer’s devices. No additional hardware investment is required, which translates to direct cost savings to the enterprise, and increased productivity for the business,” said Christian Fredrikson, President and Chief Executive Officer of F-Secure Corporation.

Among the products available in the PSB range that are matched based on the size and scope as well as a customer’s hardware and software inventory are PSB Workstation Security, PSB Server Security, PSB E-mail and Server Security and PSB Mobile Security.

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[From left: Paul Palmer, Vice President of F-Secure APAC, Christian Fredrikson, CEO of F-Secure Corporation launching the Protection Service for Business (PSB)]

The PSB Workstation Security module acts to ensure that all of a customer’s PCs are covered regardless of platform while a Software Updater feature minds your PCs and ensures that 3rd party apps and operating systems are patched and up to date to address security vulnerabilities. The PSB Server Security module acts to provide protection for Windows and Linux servers with real-time scanning and antivirus protocols built-in for security as well as malware scanning. The PSB E-mail and Server Security package helps protect servers running Microsoft Exchange. The PSB Security Module covers mobile devices across Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms and comprises antivirus, antispyware, firewall and browsing protection. The PSB service is flexible, with monthly or yearly billing. To find out more, logon to www.f-secure.com


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