Intel Invites Malaysia to #GoFaster with a Tablet Showcase Event

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Selaongor (2 October 2014) – Life is fast. There’s never enough time in the day to do what you want. Recognizing that most people wish they could do more with their day, Intel Malaysia today hosted a Performance Matters tablet showcase event at the Speedway PLUS Go-Kart Circuit, revealing how the quality of the ingredients, i.e. processor inside your tablet may impact your ability to achieve more, when time matters most.



Based on the concept that everyone would love to do more with their already stretched time, the showcase revealed how Intel mobile devices may help users to save time, do more, achieve more and be more, everyday.

The event featured a range of mobile devices and their dynamic capabilities as enabled by Intel® Atom™ processors from Acer and Lenovo. Designed to deliver unique and personal computing experiences for every lifestyle, the event aims to bring to life the philosophy: If it computes and connects, it’s best with Intel.

During the event, George Chacko, Regional Director-Tablet Product Marketing, Intel Asia Pacific and Japan discussed the importance of the ingredients of your technology to determine its performance and challenged attendees to see this in action through a race on the Speedway PLUS Go-Kart Circuit race track.

Chacko said, “Sometimes it seems like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. This, coupled with the rate at which society is downloading information, it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep track of the day-to-day, let alone achieve more. At Intel, we understand this challenge and we’re working to help consumers achieve more in their lives by selecting a device that is as fast paced as them. It’s about enabling people to perform at their absolute best.”

Chacko continued, “It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the choice available when purchasing a new tablet – thereare different screen sizes, connectivity options, and operating systems. When it comes to getting great performance from your device, we believe success is determined by the quality of the technology inside. At Intel, we are focused on the quality of what goes inside of your tablets to deliver great performance. With tablets with Intel Inside®, it’s possible to #GoFaster.”

When it comes to purchasing a new tablet device, everyone’s needs are different, but there are some things to look for when going in store to #GoFaster:

  • Performance Matters: With the latest Intel® Atom Processor based tablet, it helps you to consume and create things fast.
    – Content creation: Enjoy better Windows media editing and fast video conversion.
    – Flexibility and Speed to consume: Browse, read and play and edit all your favourite file types and internet sites with PC-class compatibility.
  • 3D Gaming: The powerful Intel® HD Graphics under the hood enables a sleek, light, quiet tablet where you can play your favourite games.
  • Battery life: Enjoy your favourite movies for longer, with long lasting battery life.
  • Amazing Visuals: Enjoy high resolution displays for a tablet in the market today. 4k video playback support provides a detailed picture and high image definition quality for a great visual experience, where you can experience crisp, clear detail.
  • 64 bit architecture: 64-bit architecture can process more data in one cycle and access greater RAM capacity, which can accelerate multitasking and data-intensive apps.

The event hosted by Intel Malaysia demonstrated to consumers how they can #GoFaster with Intel Inside and the latest Intel® Atom™ processor tablet technology. The winner of the race was also rewarded with the JOI 8, Malaysia’s first local branded tablet powered by Intel and running on Microsoft Windows 8.1, courtesy of SNS Network Sdn Bhd.

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