APC by Schneider Electric’s Comprehensive Power Protection Solutions for Home to Business

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Kuala Lumpur (8 October 2014) – APC by Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, today launched a full portfolio of power protection, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) solutions ranging from their new Mobile Power Bank through to a wider range of Back-UPS and Smart UPS systems catered to individuals and business owners.

The wide ranges of UPS offered at the showcase event are designed for both IT and non-IT devices suitable in different environments and those that require constant connectivity. Covering applications for home theatre systems to workstations and blade servers, the products range emphasised on three elements: “Protect the Experience”, “No Power, No Connectivity”, and “What You See is What You Get”.

John Atherton, Vice President, IT Business, Schneider Electric Malaysia said power interruptions have many causes including load imbalance, faulty component and unanticipated spikes. Failures and data loss can be costly in terms of capital investment, operating efficiency and even injury. A comprehensive power protection helps minimize the impact of outages and interruption. It also means protection against the devastating damage of a lightning strike.

“Most power problems are brownouts (low voltage) or blackouts (complete outages). Only an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or surge protector can protect your systems against conditions of too little power and surges that may potentially destroy your electronic devices.”

The “Life is On” event stressed on today’s individuals need to protect their “Experience” enabled by “Connectivity”, provided by “Power” follows from home to office.

“As the technological environment advances, users and consumers expect technology not just to provide those technical benefits but also protection for the ‘Experience’”.

The showcase illustrated the four distinct environments individuals today spend most of their time in; the home living room, retail outlet, small office/ home office (SOHO) and a small data centre, highlighting the dependencies that each environment had on “Connectivity” and how individuals’ expectations and experience in each environment had driven the need for “Availability”.

John Atherton, Vice President of IT Business, Schneider Electric Malaysia  officially launched the Mobile Power  Bank at “Life is On” Launch.

John Atherton, Vice President of IT Business, Schneider Electric Malaysia officially launched the Mobile Power
Bank at “Life is On” Launch.

The extended portfolio of products showcased today had also highlighted the potential applications and that the wider offer ensured that APC by Schneider Electric enabled a cost effective solution to protect “Connectivity” at the same time providing the market with the quality and reliability it has come to expect from the APC brand.

John stressed, “Our customer’s expectation is the products do what they say on the box, they expect our offer is reliable and dependable.”

During the exhibition, APC by Schneider Electric also introduced its very first series of mobile power banks catered to the public who require constant mobile power supply.

John explained, “The corporate world and our lifestyle world have merged into one device today. We saw there was a requirement for a quality and reliable offer that can protect the experience, and APC offers just that to protect both its “Corporate and Lifestyle Experience”


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