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Acronis Opens In Singapore



Singapore (18 September 2014) – Acronis, the global leader in new generation data protection, today announces the official opening of its international headquarters in Singapore. For Acronis, launching the international headquarters in Singapore is also returning to its roots, as the company was founded in Singapore in 2002, started sales operations in Asia and quickly become the leader on the backup market in Japan. Singapore is a strategic choice for the international headquarters to focus on rapidly growing Asian market, and continue successful international operations from this neutral technology and business hub.

“Singapore is a convenient location for international technology business. The country is well connected to the rest of the world; more than 50% of world’s population and economy is in the distance of 8-hours flight from here. Singapore serves as a business and technology hub in Asia, and this is important for us, as we believe that in 5 years more than 50% of Acronis revenue will come from Asia. Also important that Singapore is a neutral country, and it is a good place for a truly global company”, – said Serguei Beloussov, CEO and founder of Acronis.

Acronis considers boosting its R&D activities in Singapore as part of the company’s global strategy aimed at becoming the advanced technology leader in its market segment worldwide. Recently appointed global Chief Strategy and Operations Officer Mark Shmulevich will lead establishing tight collaboration between Acronis and universities and technology centers in Singapore.

Mark Shmulevich commented, “Efficient infrastructure combined with significant government support for innovation, together with presence of strong R&D centers and universities in Singapore, makes the country one of our focus points for technology collaborations and advanced research. We are already starting working with a few institutions, including Data Storage Institute, and are planning to expand our partnerships in the near future”.

Acronis also recently launched a datacenter in Singapore, extending the network of datacenters providing cloud data protection beyond the locations in the US, France, Germany, Japan and Russia. The new datacenter provides customers in Asia with a multi-fold increase in data transfer speed due to the geographical proximity of storage location, and ability to store backup data locally.