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VMware Launches VMware NSX™ 6.1




San Francisco (25 August 2014) – At VMworld® 2014, VMware, Inc. showcased the continued maturity of the industry’s most complete network virtualization platform for the software-defined data center with the launch of VMware NSX™ 6.1 and the general availability of more than a dozen partner solutions. VMware NSX adoption is accelerating, driven by the platform’s ability to drive application provisioning times down from months to minutes, and to address fundamental issues with data center security architecture. VMware NSX delivers security that is built directly into the data center infrastructure, and allows customers to insert advanced partner services to improve threat protection, reduce risk and help customers address their compliance requirements in the software-defined data center. VMware NSX is not only changing the networking paradigm, but is advancing data center security in a way that was previously neither economically nor operationally feasible.

News Facts

  • VMware announces the general availability of VMware NSX 6.1, advancing security, scalability and performance for software-defined data centers and the hybrid cloud.
  • VMware NSX has more than 150 customers and a greater than $100 million annual sales run rate.
  • VMware NSX customers include four of the top U.S. financial institutions, leading public and private sector enterprises and some of the world’s largest service providers.
  • VMware NSX is now available through VMware’s reseller channel, and VMware expects to have more than 100 trained partners selling NSX by the end of 2014.
  • 14 ecosystem partners will have generally available products that are interoperable with VMware NSX by the end of Q3 2014.
  • VMware announced the first 38 recipients of the newly minted VCDX-NV certification. VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level of certification offered by VMware, and now includes a special competency focused on network virtualization.
  • VMware now offers a full schedule of classes for the comprehensive VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage” training course to help networking and IT systems professionals in their career evolution.
  • VMware has more than 40 break outs sessions about networking and security at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco.

Re-defining Data Center Security with Micro-Segmentation
Modern attacks exploit the perimeter-centric defense strategies employed in most data centers, hitching a ride with authorized users, then moving laterally within the data center between workloads with little or no controls to block propagation. Network micro-segmentation can limit unauthorized lateral movement, but hasn’t been feasible for IT to implement. Using traditional firewalls to achieve micro-segmentation negatively impacts throughput capacity and creates operations and change management burdens. The capacity issue can be overcome at a significant financial cost in physical or virtual firewalls. However, the operational burden increases as the number of workloads grows, and the placement of workloads changes dynamically. VMware NSX offers several advantages over traditional network security approaches—automated provisioning, automated move/add/change for workloads, distributed policy enforcement at every virtual interface and in-kernel, scale-out firewalling distributed to every hypervisor and baked into the platform.

VMware NSX 6.1 – Security, Scalability and Performance for the Hybrid Cloud
The latest release of VMware NSX, which is generally available today, adds key new capabilities to deliver improved data center security, scalability and performance, including:

  • Advanced Network Micro-Segmentation Capabilities– further improves micro-segmentation capabilities with an improved provisioning, troubleshooting and monitoring experience with NSX Distributed and Edge Firewalls. VMware NSX further simplifies the experience of provisioning traffic redirection to NSX security.
  • Hybrid Cloud Connectivity L2 VPN services enable enterprises to migrate workloads, do data center consolidation or create stretched application tiers across multiple data centers. Service providers can more easily offer tenant on-boarding and cloud bursting services where tenant application networks are preserved across data centers without the need for NSX on customer premise.
  • Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) Routing – ECMP on NSX Edges addresses the North-South bandwidth requirements of large production cloud networks. VMware NSX allows the creation of a highly available and distributed NSX Edge cluster, provides a high-bandwidth uplink connection to the physical network and provides active-active redundancy at the network virtualization edge; all in software.
  • vCloud Automation Center 6.1 Integration – optimizes VMware NSX for resource utilization and scale by connecting dynamically created applications to a pre-created VMware NSX logical distributed router. Allows for application isolation by default and enable consumption of pre-approved security policies. Provides security automation workflows that can be integrated with compute automation.

Industry’s First Class of Network Virtualization Certified Experts

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level of certification offered by VMware. The VCDX certification allows an individual to highlight his or her enterprise-class skills in VMware Solution design and implementation. At VMworld, VMware announced the first 38 recipients of the newly minted VCDX-NV certification. A VCDX-Network Virtualization (VCDX-NV) certification requires enterprise-class networking and network virtualization skills with a focus on VMware NSX. Earning the new VCDX–NV certification from VMware validates an individual’s world-class VMware vSphere® and VMware NSX design skills. These elite IT professionals completed a grueling five-day program after which they completed an in person defense of a network virtualization design.

Supporting Quotes

  • The Software-Defined Data Center is inevitable, and VMware NSX network virtualization can provide the most agile and flexible network infrastructure to help customers transform networking and security architecture,” said Chris King, vice president of product marketing, networking and security business unit, VMware. “The Software-Defined Data Center is more agile, more secure, and more scalable than a hardware-defined data center, which can be costly and time-consuming to implement, binds organizations to specific hardware and ASICs, and limits agility and flexibility.”
  • Just being compliant isn’t enough – having the highest possible level of security protection in place is vital for us and our customers,” said Sam Guidice, Manager Infrastructure Systems at Umpqua Bank. “Micro-segmentation with VMware NSX™ lets us adopt a powerful Zero Trust approach with our infrastructure, quickly and cost effectively. Micro-segmentation-based security wouldn’t have been financially or operationally feasible without NSX.” Read the full Umpqua Bank / VMware NSX story.

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