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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (28 August 2014) – Calling all Malaysians, be it professional or aspiring designers, you can now showcase your artwork with the world through LINE Creators Market. LINE, the world’s leading mobile platform with more than 490 million users, has made this opportunity possible with LINE Creators Market, a unique platform that allows individuals and businesses to create, submit and sell their original and innovative stickers through LINE.

Launched earlier this year in May, the platform has become widely used not only in Japan but throughout the world as well with over 149,000 creators registered from 124 countries. Malaysia is one of the participating nationalities with home-grown talents actively engaging through LINE Creators Market.

LINE Creators Market

“It is exciting to see how LINE Creators Market has been attracting positive results from our creators and users all around the world in just three months! It is truly a global platform and a creative crowdsourcing avenue that allows graphical communication for greater interaction. We’re also pleased to witness many local talents through their array of imaginative stickers available in the market. LINE Creators Market is indeed a good opportunity for budding designers to get their work out there and across borders,” said Patricia Yeoh, Public Relations Manager of LINE Malaysia.


Three Malaysian designers have stood amongst the many and have been making waves in and out of Malaysia. Eve Yap, who has created her sticker character based on a fan club called EELS of a Korean Hallyu Star actor, Jang Guen Suk; Chong Po Ling (Tomato), who has designed her sticker character based on herself; and Chee Ching, who has gotten her inspiration for her LINE stickers based on her blog’s character.

To get started, users will simply need to access the LINE Creators Market website ( and register as a creator and their original stickers for free. Upon LINE’s review, the stickers will be made available for sale and purchase on the LINE Web Store ( and LINE’s in-app Sticker Shop. From the marketplace, approximately 50%1 of revenue from the sticker purchases is distributed to the creator.

Malaysian Creators
Eve Yap
As a freelance animation and graphic designer, Eve Yap has been receiving supportive response with her sticker character based on a fan club called EELS of a Korean Hallyu Star actor, Jang Geun Suk. Her character, Ms. Eel, was even used as part of a cake design for the actor!

“I love experimenting art on different platforms and LINE is one new attempt that I enjoy exploring. The positive response has motivated me to put more thoughts into creating a new set. LINE Creators Market is a fun way to publish self-designed artwork and it has helped generate some side income as well,” said Eve Yap, Malaysian creator of LINE Creators Market.

Ms Eel Sticker Set

Chong Po Ling (Tomato)
Known by her nickname, Tomato, Po Ling is a freelancer who specialises in cartoon characters and has her own comic page on Facebook. Her stickers on LINE Creators Market, called ‘Tomato’s daily life’, are based on herself as the character.

“LINE Creators Market is a hot topic in the industry and I decided to try it out after receiving requests from my comic readers. Personally, I think this platform is an excellent avenue for designers to gain exposure and to publish our creative work. It has also enabled me and my readers to connect and express ourselves through the character. The great support towards my stickers has definitely given me a sense of achievement and encouragement as an artist,” said Po Ling, Malaysian creator of LINE Creators Market.

Tomato's Daily Life Sticker Set

Chee Ching
Regularly updating on her comic and design blog (, Chee Ching is also a freelance art director and illustrator who has ventured into LINE Creators Market. She gets inspirations for her LINE stickers through her own character on her blog and wishes to further promote her blog character in different forms.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own LINE stickers and I immediately jumped on board when the LINE Creators Market was launched. My readers were happy to support when my sticker set, ‘Ching’s Crazy Moments’, was released and it has helped me gain more fans and readers. It’s a great opportunity as it really allows designers like me who want to get our work out there on an international level,” said Chee Ching, Malaysian creator of LINE Creators Market.

Chee Ching Sticker Set


Quick Facts on LINE Creators Market

  • Since the opening for the creator and sticker registrations on April 17, 2014, LINE has welcomed over 149,000 creators (Graph 1).
  • As of August 7, the platform has received over 30,000 registered sticker sets1 (Graph 2).
  • For the first three months (from May 8 to August 7) following the launch, LINE has exceeded a total of approximately MYR 37 million1 from the creators stickers sales.
  • The number of purchased sets has expanded to a total of 12.41 million with 10,000 sticker sets currently on sale as of August 19.
  • The average sales recorded for the top selling stickers sets are approximately MYR 676,000 for the top 10 (Graph 3).
  • The sales ratio per sticker set (Graph 4) shows that 55.5% of stickers currently on sale have achieved over approximately MYR 303 in sales, proving that LINE Creators Market is a profitable platform for creators.

The use of LINE stickers have been growing progressively with the gradual increase of the LINE global user base. Apart from the standard stickers available, LINE also offers localised stickers based on different regions. The total number of LINE stickers currently available has exceeded 11,351 sets (including 1,155 official sticker sets and 10,196 creators’ stickers) with more than 1.8 billion stickers sent and received in one day. LINE will continue as the leading provider of sticker-based communications to offer richer communication experience throughout the world.



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