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KUALA LUMPUR (26 August 2014) — Christy Ng, the 26-year-old businesswoman and shoe designer behind Christy Ng Sdn. Bhd., more popularly known as “Christy Ng Shoes”, has been making waves as “the next Jimmy Choo of Malaysia”, developing, designing and manufacturing her own products here in Malaysia. Her homegrown startup online shoe store, which she began in July 2010, has experienced double-digit growth in terms of sales with exponential growth forecasted as they continue to ship globally to America, Australia, Singapore, Canada and Europe. To cope with its increasing popularity and demand, Christy Ng Shoes recently adopted a host of Windows 8 devices, including Windows 8 Pro desktops, Surface tablet and Lumia 920 Windows Phone, to increase staff’s productivity, reduce operation downtime and enhance data security.

Ng elected to drive her business growth on Microsoft’s Windows 8 devices when she participated in Alliance Bank Malaysia’s small business program called Biz Smart Academy. Ng was eventually announced as the program’s winner, walking away with RM250,000 funding for her footwear business, a complimentary Microsoft Office 356 subscription, a Surface tablet, and a visit to Microsoft’s Centre of Excellence in the USA.

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“As a rapidly expanding company, we remain focused on making original and comfortable shoes, providing quality services which are not readily available in the open marketplace, while at the same time keeping our costs low,” Ng said. “Winning the Innovation Challenge was an amazing experience as it helped put our brand out there. At the same time, we needed better solutions to manage our increasing popularity and consumer demand. Discovering the power of Surface, Windows 8 and applications such as OneNote and OneDrive came at the right time as it provided us with the much needed mobility and productivity boost”

Time and Talent Multiplied with Technology
Since winning the Innovation Challenge continues to leverage her new Surface along with her own Microsoft Devices’ Lumia 920 Windows Phone to help her achieve a new level of mobile productivity. As an aspiring entrepreneur, she was able to communicate with clients, employees and suppliers, sketch designs and share with her designers, all while on the go. Ng also makes notes on her phone and tablet using Microsoft OneNote and syncs notes between the two devices. In addition, the Surface tablet functions as a presentation tool in their company’s factory showroom in Petaling Jaya to let shoppers browse the company’s collection.

The OneDrive integration, a free online storage that comes with user’s Microsoft account, is another fantastic feature because according to Ng, “We can upload our shoe images, sketches, designs, and documents seamlessly over the internet. This form of online storage helps our employees share files with one another easily and they are able to access these files later on using any device from the comfort of their own home.”

Azizah Ali, General Manager of Small and Medium Solutions and Partners at Microsoft Malaysia

Azizah Ali, General Manager of Small and Medium Solutions and Partners at Microsoft Malaysia

Satisfied with the demonstrated productivity increase benefitted from her Surface tablet, running on Windows 8 Pro, Ng decided to upgrade two laptops and a desktop computer to the new operating system and plans to acquire more tablets. Christy Ng Shoes also plans to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365, a subscription-based online office, productivity software and services suite to improve communication between employees.

The company previously started out with older computers that ran the Windows XP operating system and later upgraded to Windows 7 to gain better performance and reliability. Nevertheless, the older devices suffered occasional downtime, which were devastating to the business, as the PCs performed order processing. Most importantly, the older devices caused a serious security concern as they were used to store critical and confidential data such as customer email and mailing addresses.

By adding Windows 8 Pro computers to its office, Christy Ng Shoes has been able to multiply the time and talents of its small staff, eliminate downtime, and keep customer data safe.

“With the right pair of heels, a woman can conquer the world,” Ng likes to say. With the right technology, Ng has conquered her busy workday, dramatically improving her productivity. “With my Windows 8 Pro tablet, I save at least 30 minutes a day, which is critical, because time is money. In 30 minutes I can make more shoes, serve more customers, or spend more time with my family.”

In fact, she sees more of her family these days because she can work from home on her Surface a couple of days a week, which was not practical before. “With our Windows 8 computers, five people are able to do the work of ten. Our Windows 8 computers multiply our time and our talents. Without this technology, we could not run a company of this size or process the huge amount of orders each day that we receive.”

Christy Ng shoes on display

Christy Ng shoes on display

Improved Business Continuity and Data Security
Since upgrading, the company has experienced no downtime with Windows 8 Pro. Additionally, with the security technologies built into Windows 8 Pro, Ng is confident that customer data, new product ideas, and other confidential information is safe. “A downfall of tablets is the increased chance that you will misplace them but with Windows 8 Pro protecting my data, I have worry-free mobility”, she added.

Commenting on Ng’s growth ambitions, Azizah Ali, General Manager of Small and Medium Solutions and Partners at Microsoft Malaysia, said, “When I met Christy Ng previously, I was very impressed with her achievement and for demonstrating a holistic, well thought out, and compelling business model so early in her professional life. Her experience with can be an inspiration to other entrepreneurs in Malaysia, where small businesses make up 99.2 percent of total businesses.”

Azizah continued, “At Microsoft Malaysia, we remain deeply committed to helping Malaysian businesses transform by transitioning to and benefitting modern IT, so they can remain competitive and focus squarely on what matters most – building the business.”

This message has gained further traction in a time where businesses are discussing “Bring Your Own Device” (“BYOD”) and the “consumerization of IT” trends where workforces are increasingly mobile and a growing number of SMEs are focused on supporting their employees to remain constantly connected through smart devices such as smartphones and tablets to do their work at the office, at home and while traveling. “This is where Microsoft solutions comes into place. Windows 8 is specifically designed and packed with ground-breaking advancements in mobile productivity and security that can help businesses maximize their ROI. At the same time, we encourage SMEs to adopt Microsoft Office 365 that allows entrepreneurs and employees to be flexible and have the full freedom to work out in the field without jeopardizing job process so they can meet their long-term goals.” Azizah added.

SMEs can find out more about how to upgrade to modern IT systems by visiting the Windows Upgrade Centre website.

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