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Kuala Lumpur (26 August 2014) – BlackBerry is a mobile solution company that services the needs of customers looking for secure technologies that drive productivity, communications and collaboration. BlackBerry has more than 44,000 patents, a suite of smartphones, the most secure enterprise mobility management platform and a popular messaging service that will be parlayed into a secure enterprise service for those customers looking for an end-to-end mobile solution.

Dereck Daymond, Vice President and Head of Sales, BlackBerry APAC and Nader Henein, Regional Director, Advanced Security Solutions – Advisory Division, BlackBerry joined a group of media for a discussion and presentation on the topic “Rethinking Security – Changing the Game for Malaysian Business”.

It is no doubt that cyber threats which includes data theft and security breach is a common threat surrounding small and large organisations. Recent news and reports have shown quite a significant number of enterprises and organisations getting their data stolen either from within and without the organisation. The problem may not seem to be a serious threat to the some members of the public, but they should be concern as it could be their personal data being stolen and misused.

From left - Dereck Daymond, Nader Henein and Ben Quirin, BlackBerry IndoChina Managing Director

From left – Dereck Daymond, Nader Henein and Ben Quirin, BlackBerry IndoChina Managing Director

At IDC 2014 Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Security Software Forecast, security is the number one concern enterprises have with their mobility deployments. Enterprises are constantly searching for a solution to prevent a security breach. Daymond mentioned security breach involving the government organisations as well as major international organisations mostly involves phone hacking.

BlackBerry has been a major game player when it comes to security. BlackBerry has been working closely with trusted and credible security researchers, security vendors and government agencies as well as BlackBerry’s internal security experts to develop a broader range of security tools for enterprises around the world to tackle cybersecurity threats. BlackBerry is determined to fight future and current challenges in enterprise mobility. A new BES12 platform has been developed after discussions have been made to organisations. It takes customers beyond EMM to application-enabled mobile environments.

Daymond said BlackBerry has been covering security at all mobile platforms and devices for a decade and will continue to do so for years to come. The brand has been valued and is a trusted partner to global government agencies and enterprises, especially in the regulated industries. It has been the leader in mobile device management with an installed base of customers that is significantly larger than BlackBerry’s top 3 competitors combined. One of the products that BlackBerry offers enterprises to tackle security challenges is the BlackBerry Balance. The BlackBerry Balance protects by making a secure, behind the firewall connection will be establish to iOS and Android devices, eliminating the need for a third-party VPN. Users would feel safer knowing that a conversation or data being exchanged would be kept encrypted. BBM itself is also another secure way of communication.

BlackBerry is playing a major role in educating enterprises in Malaysia about the importance of security and the solutions BlackBerry has to offer to protect their data and prevent them from data theft. Henein added that Malaysia enterprises have to understand the risks they are facing, especially when it comes to mobile computing. Malaysia is one of the fastest smartphone market in SEA with 40% growth rate over the years. According to IDC, the number of smartphones being shipped would reach over 8 million units by the year 2015. It is important to ensure that these mobile devices used by enterprises are not compromised. The Personal Data Protection Act(PDPA) in Malaysia would be strengthened to ensure the protection of personal data.

As BlackBerry takes security very seriously, USD1.5 billion has been spent in their R&D department. BlackBerry constantly comes up with solutions to provide enterprises with the protection they need. BlackBerry will continue to be the number one player for customers who care about productivity and enterprise mobility. BlackBerry is synonymous with security and privacy; it is built into everything BlackBerry do, and has been doing it longer and better than anyone else in the industry.


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