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Review: Jabra Revo Wireless Ink Treasure



If you’re familiar with Jabra’s Revo Wireless which was launched last year, you will like Jabra’s lastest addition of the Revo Wireless Limited Edition Bluetooth Headphones.

Jabra is synonymous with producing audio hardware and software. This time round, they’re launching their exclusive packaging of the Revo Wireless with a touch of class and a tinge of gold. The Limited Edition Revo Wireless comes encased in a plastic box. Its a pretty neat packaging to begin with considering the price you paid for these pair of Bluetooth headphones. Unboxing the plastic case gives you access to unstrap the headphones from the box. A rectangular black paper box lies in the middle of the headset in the box. Enclosed in the box is a 3.5mm audio cable and a micro USB to USB 2.0 cable with a length of 130cm for charging purposes. A protective bag is also included for the cables and headphones, though the bag is just made of flimsy non-woven material. I suggest purchasing a proper bag for this treasure. As usual, instruction booklets and a special product code is also included for use with the Jabra Sound App. Jabra_Revo_wireless_Black_Gold_02

The headphone does not feel plasticky to the touch. The plush leatherette ear cushions though small in terms of diameter, is actually quite comfortable when placed on the ears. The ear cups are not meant to cover your ears fully but lies on top of your ears giving your ears full coverage of audio content. The headband rest has a rubbery feel to it and rests perfectly well on the head. With a weight of 240 grams, it sure feels light to put it on for long hours without straining your neck. It takes two to four hours to fully charge the headphones for up to 12 hours of music or talk time depending on how much power you consume during use of course. The headphone has a standby time for up to 10 days, which of course I do not think you will leave this piece of treasure by itself all the time, it would be a waste.

The Revo Wireless Limited Edition comes equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity with a passive noise reduction of 15dB. It would have been a plus point if it came equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. Drivers used are 40mm dynamic speaker with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and impedence of 32Ohms. You can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously with the Revo Wireless and you will be able to have it stuck to your ears with a connection range of up to 10metres. It also comes with an audio jack with a microphone attached to it. The microphone has drivers of 4mm omni-directional dual microphone solution with a frequency range of 100Hz to 8kHz. The microphone has a sensitivity of up to 14dB. The microphone comes equipped with a tiny button on it for your call needs.

The headphones have an operating temperature of -10 degree Celcius to 55 degree Celcius and a storage temperature of -40 degree Celcius to 65 degree Celcius. You will definitely feel some heat while the headphones are in use. However, it does not get hot enough to the point where you need to take them off for it to cool down.

On the right side of the earcup, you will find the power control button located at the bottom of the right earcup. Upon powering it on, hold the control slider at the Bluetooth mark for about 3 seconds to pair it up to a new device. If the device is not paired, you will hear a voice message prompting you to pair the headphone to a device. Once paired you can release the slider to the “On” position. Your device will automatically connect to recently paired devices upon powering it back up the next time you use it. The left side of the earcup is NFC enabled, therefore you can easily touch your mobile devices to the left earcup for swift pairing. Now, for the interesting part – the audio controls are actually located on the right earcups of the headphone. Simply slide your finger clockwise and anti-clockwise just like what you did for the iPod Classic for volume controls. Tapping on the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position allows for “next” and “previous” actions. First time users might get a little clumsy on the tapping part as you might not know where you are tapping on. It takes a few trials and errors to finally know where you should be placing your fingers.

Next thing you should know that certain functions are only allowed when in wireless mode and when in corded mode. You are allowed to answer or end calls, do voice dialing, last number redial, track control, and play or pause music in corded mode. In wireless mode, you are only allowed for volume control as well as launching the Jabra Sound App. As soon as you get the hang of all the controls on the headset, you are good to go! An alternative way is to control it via the audio controls on your keyboard if you find yourself too lazy to lift up your hands from the keyboard while working on the computer.

An LED light indicator is located at the power controls. It blinks “Blue” when its in the process of getting paired. “Green” indicates the headphones are working with adequate battery life. LED blinks “Red” when the battery is going flat.

Comfortable earcups and headrest allows for long hour usage.

Jabra has done some reliability testing on the headphones to ensure the quality of the headphones. On paper, the result shows that the Jabra Revo Wireless survived a drop test from a height of two metres, a folding test of up to 3500 times and a bend test of up to 10,000 times. The cables that came with the packaging are tested to withstand 15kg pull force, dirt, temperature and humidity. So, rest assure that the headphones will be alright if you are one of those ham-handed users; as long as you follow instructions the headphones will loyally stay by your side for quite some time.

I took it out for a spin on different genres of music; from Jazz, Classical, Pop, Rock to Orchestral music from Disney’s movie soundtracks, and etc. I truly can say I like how audio content is being delivered through these headphones to your ears. Its amazing! Adequate amount of bass is present and you can hear crisp music being played. The highs and lows in pitch and frequency in Orchestral music are distinctly noticeable and you will want to move to the groove when catchy Pop music comes into play while cranking up the volume higher so that you cannot hear your surrounding environment.

The Jabra Revo Wireless Ink Treasure in folding position for storage purposes.

You can download the Jabra Sound App to organise your music or listen to music from different sources such as YouTube. Make sure you have the tiny piece of paper with the special code (found in the packaging) on it to register you application and to fully use the application. This pair of headphones will be able to deliver what you want with the money you paid to own a pair.

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