Review: Logitech G710+ Gaming Keyboard

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Its mechanical, its stealth, it lights up, but does the G710+ step up to what users need? We took it for a test ride to see what sorcery Logitech and MX Cherry Brown did.

The mechanical keyboard has always been a favourite among the PC gaming community. The design mechanism of each switch on a mechanical keyboard consists of a base, a spring and a stem. It is the shape of the stem and the resistance of the spring that decides the actuation and travel time during use of the keyboard. The mechanical keyboard is designed to allow users to remove and replace keycaps from the board. So, what is it that makes it stealth such as the G710+?

g710-gaming-keyboard-imagesLogitech’s answer is a built-in dampening ring underneath each keycap. This move significantly reduces noise coming from each keypress without having to sacrifice typing accuracy and of course, it less irritates the people around you. Logitech has optimised the G710+ for rapid command entry. It has an actuation force and distance of 45g and 4mm respectively. You will have a feel as if pressing down on rubber-domed keys during usage.

Logitech G710+ Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G710+ Gaming Keyboard

Besides being to be able to move nimbly and quietly on the keyboard, users will have the option to adjust the dual-zone backlighting on the keyboard. The key components for your gaming needs (WASD and arrow keys) have been highlighted on the keyboard with light gray colour. The entire keyboard is backlit in white LED light and users can choose between 4 levels of brightness level. The G710+ also allows individual control over the WASD and arrow keys. Plus an “OFF” option to completely dim the lights.


Logitech Gaming Software to program the G-keys.

Users also get instant access to media with the presence of media controls. Individual keys for playback and volume control is present to minimise the hassle of using the function key. In addition to the media controls, six programmable G-keys are present on the left side of the keyboard. Each G-key contains 3 macros, therefore users are allowed to make configurations up to 18 individual functions per game. Users will have to download the Logitech Gaming Software from the Downloads page here. Instructions of how to program the G-keys can be found at the Support page. The Logitech Gaming Software will detect games that are present on your PC and create profiles for them. You can choose the default profiles or customise your own. The G710+ also allows you to disable the Windows key. On press of a special key located right above the F5 key, the Windows button will be disabled, preventing you from an unwanted trip to the desktop when you’re about to score big in a game.

Additional features on this keyboard include 26-key rollover, 110 anti-ghosting keys, USB pass-through, a removable palm rest and tilt legs. With the 26-key rollover, you can do much more key combinations to execute complex moves accurately every time. Anti-ghosting features for every key on the keyboard prevents the user from a foul move when pressing and holding down multiple keys simultaneously. The tilt legs on this keyboard elevates the keyboard for a better typing experience while the palm rest is optional for installation. The keyboard is equipped with one USB port to connect your peripherals, just in case you don’t have enough ports on your PC.


Anti-slip rubber feet, tilted legs and fissure for tidying up the wires.

The G710+ has a plastic casing on the outside with orange colour lining on the side for the G-keys. It connects to the PC via two USB cables and lights up upon installation of the Logitech Gaming Software. Rubbers are present at each corner of the keyboard offering for anti-slip purposes. If you look carefully, a fissure is present on the bottom of the keyboard to tidy-up your additional plugged-in USB cable.

During use, the G710+ gives user the feeling of hitting down on rubber keys no matter how much pressure is placed on the keys. This is unlike the conventional noisy mechanical keys which springs more and provides more tactile feedback. Even so, the keyboard provides adequate tactile response to the user upon each and every keypress. Anti-ghosting during multiple keypress as well as the macro keys work well during gameplay. Travel time on the keyboard is steps up to the challenge for speed and accuracy. Overall, its a decent mechanical stealth gaming keyboard to consider adding on your list of gaming peripherals for purchase. The G710+ is available for purchase in Malaysia for RM499.



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